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October/November {round up}

I missed my October round up, so I’m jumbling it all together in this post. I’ve been busy painting, photographing, Christmas gift shopping, reading, child-wrangling, European holiday planning, and generally bumming around at home, taking naps and toilet-training and shaving off my winter coat of leg hair. Doing: I attempted NaNoWriMo this year but only… Continue reading October/November {round up}

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September {round up}

Blogging is still taking a back seat, but I am happy to report that September was a much better month than August! I did get sick, again, and almost lost my voice, but other than that it was largely positive. One of my younger sisters visited for a little over a week, at the same… Continue reading September {round up}

Daily Life

July {round up}

Making: I ticked a few things off my to-bake list – caramel bacon popcorn from an old Donna Hay magazine, pumpkin pie, chocolate s’more sandwich cookies, and spiced hot chocolate. I also made dinner – which doesn’t happen very often: pork, oregano and manchego cheese meatballs. It was AMAZING and definitely going into rotation. Wearing:… Continue reading July {round up}

Daily Life

May {Round Up}

Celebrating: Ronan’s 2nd birthday. I took some photos of myself and the children using the tripod and camera remote I bought myself for Mother’s Day, with moderate success: I planned to make a proper cake and buy him a sketchpad and do balloons and candles and stuff, but we ended up with packet-mix cupcakes and… Continue reading May {Round Up}