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The Purge: The Great Declutter of 2017 

Almost wrote 2016 there.  (Also: doesn’t the title image make you think of an epic novel involving generational family secrets and tragedies and people on trains and looking out the window wearing sweaters?)  I’ve decluttered soooo many times. Wardrobe, craft, toys, all that stuff in our spare room. And yet I’m still surrounded by crap.… Continue reading The Purge: The Great Declutter of 2017 

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September {round up}

Blogging is still taking a back seat, but I am happy to report that September was a much better month than August! I did get sick, again, and almost lost my voice, but other than that it was largely positive. One of my younger sisters visited for a little over a week, at the same… Continue reading September {round up}

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Sometimes Life Is Just Shit 

You can probably tell by the title that this blog post is not going to be particularly elegant. It is not going to be full of cute photos of my baby. It is not going to be me trying to figure out the perfect capsule wardrobe for a stay at home mum. It is not… Continue reading Sometimes Life Is Just Shit