The End Is Nigh 

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve probably been kidnapped by Indonesian pirates. Or I’m in labour. That’s more likely, now that I think about it. I’m 41 + 3 tomorrow (42 weeks going by the due date I was using!) and heading to the hospital at 7am for an induction. I’ve had two natural… Continue reading The End Is Nigh 


Packing Your Hospital Bag

I’ve read sooo many hospital bag packing lists over the years. It’s something of an obsession with me when I’m pregnant. There are some excellent services available where you can order pre-packed hospital bags online, which is genius really, but I’m such a systematic fiend that I have to pack my own. After giving birth last… Continue reading Packing Your Hospital Bag

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Maternity Bras {that are actually ok}

Nothing strikes horror in the heart of a pregnant woman than the maternity bra section of a clothing store. Unless, of course, you happen to like unpadded, wire-free, floppy, wide-strapped, full-coverage beige-coloured granny bras that are usually on offer. I have bought so many bras for pregnancy and breastfeeding over the years and very few… Continue reading Maternity Bras {that are actually ok}


Favourite Bath & Body Products

These are my current favourite body products. They’re natural, non-toxic, gentle on your skin, and safe for use during pregnancy. Gaia Body Wash, 250ml for $12.95 These are my favourite body washes, ever. They’ve spoiled me for anything else.  Sulphate-free and non-drying, the Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine is fresh and clean, and the Lavender &… Continue reading Favourite Bath & Body Products


22 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #4}

I had my first face-to-face appointment at the hospital earlier this week. I was reminded, again, of how much I don’t like that hospital. I like the midwives and doctors that I see for appointments. I hate everything else. I’m just glad it’s a public hospital because it would be intolerable if I had to… Continue reading 22 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #4}

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The Nappy Bag

This morning I embarked upon an epic quest to….find a new nappy bag. Of course, you don’t *need* a specially designed nappy bag. They’re often ugly and overpriced, because these days making something for pregnant women or new mums seems to be an excuse to slap an extra $100 on the price tag. Most nappy… Continue reading The Nappy Bag


20 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #3}

20 weeks today – the halfway point. I’ve had my first appointment with the hospital (over the phone), which was just a bunch of questions about family health conditions and whether I have depression or a violent boyfriend. I know they’re all standard questions, but you’d think they could fill in some of them using… Continue reading 20 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #3}


19 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #2}

I didn’t intend for this to become a pregnancy blog, but when you’re pregnant, there’s not much else you want to talk about…. Plus we’re entering the more exciting phase, past the dying-of-morning-sickness-and-feeling-fat stage and into the actually pregnant-looking bit with scans and regular appointments and baby kicks. (I’ve had fluttery movements for quite a… Continue reading 19 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #2}


The First Trimester {Pregnancy Post #1}

I suppose I should feel guilty about neglecting my blog for the last few months, but I don’t – not really. I felt so rubbish at the beginning of this pregnancy that I didn’t feel like doing anything except lying on the couch moaning about how sick I felt. And I was sick. Not quite… Continue reading The First Trimester {Pregnancy Post #1}