Today I Did Nothing 

I find it hard to do anything these days. Apart from the most urgent tasks, like feeding and changing and disciplining the offspring.  The rest of the time, I dither between housework, taking photos, sewing, painting, craft projects, studying, playing and reading with the kids, drawing, blogging, writing.  No matter what I do, I feel… Continue reading Today I Did Nothing 

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Life As I Know It….

Life has been moving slowly these last few weeks, but not unenjoyably so. My three ratbags seem to go through stages of good and evil not-so-charming behaviour, and at the moment they’re on a good streak. Relatively speaking. I’ve cleared away almost all of their toys and they’ve just been pottering around building wobots out… Continue reading Life As I Know It….


Five Month Photoshoot

I spent some time photographing baby Seb the other day and attempted some self-portraits using my tripod and remote. It was super time consuming, especially since I had specific shots in mind that I wanted to capture (mostly stuff I found on my baby pic Pinterest board. Curse you, Pinterest, for giving me such high… Continue reading Five Month Photoshoot

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June {Round up}

Doing: a suprising amount of baking, mostly tied to my week-long birthday celebrations, and really enjoying our holidays after my husband had his exams in mid-June. It’s been lovely and relaxing for me to have him around so often. He went to work after almost two weeks off and I had completely forgotten what it… Continue reading June {Round up}

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April {Round Up}

Doing: taking more (and better quality) photos of the kids, using my real camera instead of my phone… We started sending Darcy, my eldest, to daycare once a week, and took a trip to the Botanical Gardens once the leaves started to turn. We also installed a heat pump which is a boring adult thing… Continue reading April {Round Up}

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April Days 

At the beginning of the year, while I was still pregnant, I spent a bit of time planning out the coming 12 months with birthdays, holidays, baby milestones, seasonal changes, etc. It was a combination of planning and goal-setting and just a reminder for me to record the passing time in a more meaningful way.… Continue reading April Days 

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Hello November 

Midway through another month, and into the third trimester now – time for another round-up…. Wearing: A bunch of new maternity tees from Ripe, which I bought in grey, white and mint, my fave turquoise jeans, and just recently a pair of denim maternity shorts. They took forever to arrive, and they were a pretty… Continue reading Hello November 

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Hello, October

We’re partway through spring, and I’m just over halfway through this pregnancy, so I figured it was time to take stock of a few things – what I’m wearing/watching/listening to/doing etc. Because I’m sure everyone else is interested in reading about the random crap that goes through my brain 50,000 times a day. Wearing: usually… Continue reading Hello, October

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The Nappy Bag

This morning I embarked upon an epic quest to….find a new nappy bag. Of course, you don’t *need* a specially designed nappy bag. They’re often ugly and overpriced, because these days making something for pregnant women or new mums seems to be an excuse to slap an extra $100 on the price tag. Most nappy… Continue reading The Nappy Bag