The Home

Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration 

This is the moodboard – for lack of a better word – I came up with on Polyvore when I started thinking about decor for my boys’ shared room. I’ve never been one for OTT nurseries, decorated within an inch of their lives, or one to invest much time or money into interior design when… Continue reading Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration 

Daily Life

The DIY Projects

I’ve already written about all the things I wanted finished around our house by the end of October. Well, this is the list of the stuff that I would *like* done before I have the baby, but aren’t absolutely necessary. My fantasy list, stuff I would get done if I had unlimited time/energy/talent/patience for trips to… Continue reading The DIY Projects


26 weeks {Pregnancy Post #5}

I’m 26 weeks and a few days as I write this, and it’s the last day of October – kind of exciting that November is so close, and I only have a few weeks left in the second trimester. Looking forward to Christmas but not looking forward to getting bigger and slower (especially in hot… Continue reading 26 weeks {Pregnancy Post #5}