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Sebastian Turns One

My third son, my longest pregnancy, first induction, hardest and quickest labour, shortest hospital stay, quietest baby, best sleeper, and all around the most chilled, laid back, content baby I’ve had the privilege to raise for twelve months. I had so much fun preparing and celebrating his first birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate… Continue reading Sebastian Turns One

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September {round up}

Blogging is still taking a back seat, but I am happy to report that September was a much better month than August! I did get sick, again, and almost lost my voice, but other than that it was largely positive. One of my younger sisters visited for a little over a week, at the same… Continue reading September {round up}

Daily Life

July {round up}

Making: I ticked a few things off my to-bake list – caramel bacon popcorn from an old Donna Hay magazine, pumpkin pie, chocolate s’more sandwich cookies, and spiced hot chocolate. I also made dinner – which doesn’t happen very often: pork, oregano and manchego cheese meatballs. It was AMAZING and definitely going into rotation. Wearing:… Continue reading July {round up}


Five Month Photoshoot

I spent some time photographing baby Seb the other day and attempted some self-portraits using my tripod and remote. It was super time consuming, especially since I had specific shots in mind that I wanted to capture (mostly stuff I found on my baby pic Pinterest board. Curse you, Pinterest, for giving me such high… Continue reading Five Month Photoshoot

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June {Round up}

Doing: a suprising amount of baking, mostly tied to my week-long birthday celebrations, and really enjoying our holidays after my husband had his exams in mid-June. It’s been lovely and relaxing for me to have him around so often. He went to work after almost two weeks off and I had completely forgotten what it… Continue reading June {Round up}

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Sometimes Life Is Just Shit 

You can probably tell by the title that this blog post is not going to be particularly elegant. It is not going to be full of cute photos of my baby. It is not going to be me trying to figure out the perfect capsule wardrobe for a stay at home mum. It is not… Continue reading Sometimes Life Is Just Shit 

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Stuff You Need For A Newborn

I’m 38 weeks as I type this, it’s the middle of summer, and I don’t have my baby ‘stuff’ organised yet. I’m not even talking nursery here – this bubba will get a couple drawers in the boys’ room and that’s about it. So being exhausted, completely disorganized, and not having much {any} extra room… Continue reading Stuff You Need For A Newborn

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Hello November 

Midway through another month, and into the third trimester now – time for another round-up…. Wearing: A bunch of new maternity tees from Ripe, which I bought in grey, white and mint, my fave turquoise jeans, and just recently a pair of denim maternity shorts. They took forever to arrive, and they were a pretty… Continue reading Hello November