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Shit O’Clock 

I’ve been awake since 3, when I fed the baby and tripped down the hallway to the bathroom and checked Facebook and went back to bed then couldn’t sleep without getting up and making sure my older boys were tucked in, because all our windows are open which I like because I prefer a slight… Continue reading Shit O’Clock 

Daily Life

The Purge: The Great Declutter of 2017 

Almost wrote 2016 there.  (Also: doesn’t the title image make you think of an epic novel involving generational family secrets and tragedies and people on trains and looking out the window wearing sweaters?)  I’ve decluttered soooo many times. Wardrobe, craft, toys, all that stuff in our spare room. And yet I’m still surrounded by crap.… Continue reading The Purge: The Great Declutter of 2017 


5 Ways To Style A White Sundress

  I feel so awkward publishing this. I had it planned for weeks: the concept, the styling, the makeup. Then I did the photoshoot itself, after dithering all morning convincing myself it wasn’t the right moment. Because I’m not a real fashion blogger. Because photographing yourself is narcissistic. Because I wear the same clothes four… Continue reading 5 Ways To Style A White Sundress


Nine Month Photoshoot

I know I’m really late getting these out. Baby Sebastian turns 11 months in a few weeks, an I didn’t do a 10-month photo shoot aside from a few pics I took over Christmas. But these are some of my favourite photos of my kids, and possibly favourite photos ever. I’ll probably do a round-up… Continue reading Nine Month Photoshoot


Holiday Style Guide: Red, Green & Gold

  There’s something about December that makes me want to dress up more than usual. I’m not about to dress like a Christmas tree, but I would like to add a few details here and there that add a holiday vibe to my everyday uniform. I’ve picked out items in red, green and gold –… Continue reading Holiday Style Guide: Red, Green & Gold

Daily Life

October/November {round up}

I missed my October round up, so I’m jumbling it all together in this post. I’ve been busy painting, photographing, Christmas gift shopping, reading, child-wrangling, European holiday planning, and generally bumming around at home, taking naps and toilet-training and shaving off my winter coat of leg hair. Doing: I attempted NaNoWriMo this year but only… Continue reading October/November {round up}


Eight Month Photoshoot

So baby Seb is almost nine months, so it’s probably time to post his eight-month photos. I realised after I took these that this is probably the worst age to try and photograph a baby – he’s all about the crawling and cruising and trying to lick the camera, etc. I’m loving the Nik Collection… Continue reading Eight Month Photoshoot

Mental Health

Late Night Thoughts 

We often hear about the stigma surrounding mental illness. I never really believed there was a stigma, to be honest. When I was growing up it felt like everyone talked about it. Everyone had it. My mum had post-natal depression. I had anxiety. My dad had narcissistic personality disorder, or Asperges, depending on who we… Continue reading Late Night Thoughts 

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September {round up}

Blogging is still taking a back seat, but I am happy to report that September was a much better month than August! I did get sick, again, and almost lost my voice, but other than that it was largely positive. One of my younger sisters visited for a little over a week, at the same… Continue reading September {round up}