Travel Photos Part 1: Edinburgh

  Train from London to Edinburgh. The view from our accommodation, the Castle Rock Hostel, in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Every street and alley is photogenic in the old town! Holyrood Palace, and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey. The gardens surrounding Holyrood Palace. The streets of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle by night. I loved this city so… Continue reading Travel Photos Part 1: Edinburgh

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Sebastian Turns One

My third son, my longest pregnancy, first induction, hardest and quickest labour, shortest hospital stay, quietest baby, best sleeper, and all around the most chilled, laid back, content baby I’ve had the privilege to raise for twelve months. I had so much fun preparing and celebrating his first birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate… Continue reading Sebastian Turns One


Nine Month Photoshoot

I know I’m really late getting these out. Baby Sebastian turns 11 months in a few weeks, an I didn’t do a 10-month photo shoot aside from a few pics I took over Christmas. But these are some of my favourite photos of my kids, and possibly favourite photos ever. I’ll probably do a round-up… Continue reading Nine Month Photoshoot


Eight Month Photoshoot

So baby Seb is almost nine months, so it’s probably time to post his eight-month photos. I realised after I took these that this is probably the worst age to try and photograph a baby – he’s all about the crawling and cruising and trying to lick the camera, etc. I’m loving the Nik Collection… Continue reading Eight Month Photoshoot


Six Month Photoshoot

  This precious cinnamon roll hit six months in August. I dressed him and Ronan in matching Bonds onsies for extra cute factor and tried to get some photos before one or both of them started crying or fell off the bed {Seb ended up crying}. He’s crawling, trying out solids, slobbering on any toys… Continue reading Six Month Photoshoot