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Sebastian Turns One

My third son, my longest pregnancy, first induction, hardest and quickest labour, shortest hospital stay, quietest baby, best sleeper, and all around the most chilled, laid back, content baby I’ve had the privilege to raise for twelve months. I had so much fun preparing and celebrating his first birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate… Continue reading Sebastian Turns One


24 Hours After Birth

This is my experience in the first 24 hours after the birth of my third child, Sebastian. Most of it was written at the time and in the weeks afterwards, but I’m just publishing it now. This is the part of childbearing I remember most strongly. That first hour after birth, wrapped up in warm… Continue reading 24 Hours After Birth

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When The Newborn Phase Is Over 

Baby Seb is almost eight weeks old, but I planned to write a post when he turned six weeks. That’s supposed to be the end of the newborn phase. Trying to get through the first six weeks is supposed to be the hardest part, and then you go to your six-week-check, find out how beautiful… Continue reading When The Newborn Phase Is Over 

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Sebastian’s Birth Story 

Here I am, the morning of my induction, at 41 + 3 weeks. It’s not the best photo but it was taken before 7am, so, you know….. I wrote this post about preparing for an induction the night before. I didn’t get a huge amount of sleep, but that’s to be expected when you’re full… Continue reading Sebastian’s Birth Story 

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Stuff You Need For A Newborn

I’m 38 weeks as I type this, it’s the middle of summer, and I don’t have my baby ‘stuff’ organised yet. I’m not even talking nursery here – this bubba will get a couple drawers in the boys’ room and that’s about it. So being exhausted, completely disorganized, and not having much {any} extra room… Continue reading Stuff You Need For A Newborn