Daily Life

June {Round up}

Doing: a suprising amount of baking, mostly tied to my week-long birthday celebrations, and really enjoying our holidays after my husband had his exams in mid-June. It’s been lovely and relaxing for me to have him around so often. He went to work after almost two weeks off and I had completely forgotten what it… Continue reading June {Round up}

Daily Life

The Birthday Week 

On my birthday this year (June 9th) everyone in the house was sick, including me. My husband was so sick he stayed in bed half the day, which is only the third time that’s ever happened. And the following week he had exams. So we deferred my birthday celebrations until we were all better, he… Continue reading The Birthday Week 

Daily Life

May {Round Up}

Celebrating: Ronan’s 2nd birthday. I took some photos of myself and the children using the tripod and camera remote I bought myself for Mother’s Day, with moderate success: I planned to make a proper cake and buy him a sketchpad and do balloons and candles and stuff, but we ended up with packet-mix cupcakes and… Continue reading May {Round Up}

Daily Life

April {Round Up}

Doing: taking more (and better quality) photos of the kids, using my real camera instead of my phone… We started sending Darcy, my eldest, to daycare once a week, and took a trip to the Botanical Gardens once the leaves started to turn. We also installed a heat pump which is a boring adult thing… Continue reading April {Round Up}

Daily Life · Motherhood

A Perfect Storm 

Boy is that a dramatic title. I thought it sounded better than “That Time I Went To The Emergency Department And Some Of The Doctors Were Unhelpful”. If you’re squeamish you probably should stop reading because I talk about body parts that are covered by bikinis. I’ve had three babies. Not much embarrasses me anymore.… Continue reading A Perfect Storm 

Daily Life

April Days 

At the beginning of the year, while I was still pregnant, I spent a bit of time planning out the coming 12 months with birthdays, holidays, baby milestones, seasonal changes, etc. It was a combination of planning and goal-setting and just a reminder for me to record the passing time in a more meaningful way.… Continue reading April Days 

Daily Life

Hello November 

Midway through another month, and into the third trimester now – time for another round-up…. Wearing: A bunch of new maternity tees from Ripe, which I bought in grey, white and mint, my fave turquoise jeans, and just recently a pair of denim maternity shorts. They took forever to arrive, and they were a pretty… Continue reading Hello November 

Daily Life

The DIY Projects

I’ve already written about all the things I wanted finished around our house by the end of October. Well, this is the list of the stuff that I would *like* done before I have the baby, but aren’t absolutely necessary. My fantasy list, stuff I would get done if I had unlimited time/energy/talent/patience for trips to… Continue reading The DIY Projects