Travel Photos Part 1: Edinburgh

  Train from London to Edinburgh. The view from our accommodation, the Castle Rock Hostel, in Edinburgh’s Old Town. Every street and alley is photogenic in the old town! Holyrood Palace, and the ruins of Holyrood Abbey. The gardens surrounding Holyrood Palace. The streets of Edinburgh. Edinburgh Castle by night. I loved this city so… Continue reading Travel Photos Part 1: Edinburgh

Daily Life

April Goals 

All sorts of things have been happening at home, most of them small – kindergarten stories, a plethora of destruction, changes around the house as I purged and purged some more. Probably the biggest change is that I started studying, an online graphic design course that I attempted six years ago and gave up as… Continue reading April Goals 

The Home

Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration 

This is the moodboard – for lack of a better word – I came up with on Polyvore when I started thinking about decor for my boys’ shared room. I’ve never been one for OTT nurseries, decorated within an inch of their lives, or one to invest much time or money into interior design when… Continue reading Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration 

Baby · Motherhood · Photography

Sebastian Turns One

My third son, my longest pregnancy, first induction, hardest and quickest labour, shortest hospital stay, quietest baby, best sleeper, and all around the most chilled, laid back, content baby I’ve had the privilege to raise for twelve months. I had so much fun preparing and celebrating his first birthday, and I can’t wait to celebrate… Continue reading Sebastian Turns One

Daily Life · Motherhood

Life As I Know It….

Life has been moving slowly these last few weeks, but not unenjoyably so. My three ratbags seem to go through stages of good and evil not-so-charming behaviour, and at the moment they’re on a good streak. Relatively speaking. I’ve cleared away almost all of their toys and they’ve just been pottering around building wobots out… Continue reading Life As I Know It….

Daily Life

Shit O’Clock 

I’ve been awake since 3, when I fed the baby and tripped down the hallway to the bathroom and checked Facebook and went back to bed then couldn’t sleep without getting up and making sure my older boys were tucked in, because all our windows are open which I like because I prefer a slight… Continue reading Shit O’Clock