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Boys’ Bedroom Inspiration 


This is the moodboard – for lack of a better word – I came up with on Polyvore when I started thinking about decor for my boys’ shared room. I’ve never been one for OTT nurseries, decorated within an inch of their lives, or one to invest much time or money into interior design when I know our house is temporary and my children are destructive. I just want a *bit* of decorating. A unified colour palette, maybe some floating shelves or framed prints so it’s not just four bare walls adorned with pencil marks and EPIC stamped in black ink. And I want a practical, friendly space for the kids to play, so they can keep their toys out of the living room and I don’t have to step on the pointy bits 30 thousand times a day.

And possibly, if I give them a nice, considered space, it will encourage them to take care of it.

That’s possible, right?


The space they have now is a pretty large, sunny room, with wooden floorboards and the same pale, pinky-biegey-taupe wall colour in the rest of the house. They currently have a rug in a similar colour, but more pinky-peach, and teal metal bed frames (which I love). Ronan has a yellow and white printed quilt cover, and Darcy has robots. As he tells me frequently, he’s “all about robots’. (The designer in me wants to get rid of brightly coloured cartoon decor items but the mum in me says leave it.) Their other furniture – two matching sets of drawers – are dark, warm timber, one with a matching bookcase mounted on top. They also have two little wooden chairs that I painted yellow last year, but no table, and a white cube shelf with pale blue and grey animal-themed cubes.

So my chosen colour scheme is teal, yellow, and dark brown, with plenty of neutrals like taupe and grey to balance it out. Because the room is so big, with pretty high ceilings, it seems to be able to take a lot of obnoxious primary colours without looking too cluttered, which is ideal in a children’s room. I’d like to play up the safari animal theme, with giraffe-y things, and maybe give it a bit of a boho vibe with fairy lights and a canopy and a reading nook and a spa and tennis court. You get the idea. Oh, and room for the baby’s crib when he moves in after he starts sleeping through (hahahahaha).

These are the images I found most inspirational on Pinterest:

scandinavian nursery inspiration grey mint / habitación bebé infantil gris / Macarena Gea:

Love the grey + teal, and that little fairy door.

Perfect reading nook in the playroom!:

Definitely want a reading nook, where my boys can rip apart their books in comfort.


Love the grey and pops of yellow.

Read corner - kid's room:

I’d love this for a reading corner! With a floor mattress and loads of cushions. I don’t think it will quite work for my boys tho

African animals - Safari Nursery - Safari Animal Portrait set of 4 - Giclee - Safari Nursery Art - Baby Lion - Giraffe - Zebra by ElfinLilac on Etsy

Safari animal watercolours. So cute.

Wool Felt Animal Bookend - I love the elephant one so much...just wish it wasn't so darn expensive:

Felt bookends.

salted_grace roomor_ roomor_ leclairdecor statethelabel parkandoakdesign strandbackenslottet casawatki...:

Grey, white, yellow, brown, plus fairy lights.

Willieandmillie - Paul & Paula:

Okay, this is obviously too girly. I just *love* the canopy and fairy lights. If only I had a mild-mannered tidy girl-child.

Looking at it now it doesn’t seem very cohesive….but it is in my head. Because of the aforementioned Godzilla-like tendencies of my beloved offspring, I don’t want to spend much on fragile decor items. So I’m sticking to a very strict budget, aka shopping at Kmart. They have some cute kids’ room decor out at the moment though, very exciting.

Childrens Table - Aqua

Kmart Turquoise table, $16


Play mat, $165

4 Piece Cityscape Activity Floor Mat

Activity mat, $16

Floor Rug - Ombre

Round ombre rug, $25

Bunny Playmat

Bunny rug, $99


Teardrop bean bag, $19

Bestever Baby Mat - cutest thing ever for the Safari/Jungle theme Nursery!:

Giraffe floor mat

Storage Hamper - Tiger

Tiger storage hamper, $10

Wall Shelf

Wall shelf, $9

Decorative Hanging Mobile - Arrow

Hanging mobile, $7

Dream Big Wall Light

Wall light, $10

Garland – Cloudy Star Garland Gelato

garland, $39

Essi & Co moon cushion

Moon cushion, $35

FREE Nursery Printables, Get a Set of 4 FREE Animal Printables, Fox, Racoon, Bear, and Owl- Instant Download for Free Printable:

Free printable….yaaas

Dino for a Fact Night Light in Diplodocus:

Dino night light, $15

That’s what I’ve found so far, and I actually picked up a few of these items from Kmart today. So stay tuned for the “after” post! 

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