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Life As I Know It….


Life has been moving slowly these last few weeks, but not unenjoyably so. My three ratbags seem to go through stages of good and evil not-so-charming behaviour, and at the moment they’re on a good streak. Relatively speaking. I’ve cleared away almost all of their toys and they’ve just been pottering around building wobots out of Duplo and recently keeping entertained with play-doh.


Baby Seb is toddling around and climbing on the furniture, and with that came some independence so he no longer gets frustrated that he can’t join in with the big boys. He’s stealing their food, climbing on the time, dragging laundry baskets around to use as a stepping stool….I swear he’s smarter than my other boys at that age, as he tries to put lids on everything he finds and has figured out how to climb *off* the couch, which usually takes the longest to figure out. Normally they just climb up and then whinge when they cant get back down.


I’m still decluttering, organising my space, preparing for the school year. I’ve been thinking about moving all three boys into one room, the larger one at the end of the house that we use as a spare room aka the place we dump all the stuff that collects around the place and don’t want the kids to find. It’s also meant to be my office/craft room/ladycave, but is always too cluttered for anything useful. I’d love to decorate their room but I know they’ll just destroy it. They pulled a framed picture off the living room wall today – one of two – so poor Audrey has been shoved in the spare room with a cracked frame. HOW do people decorate their childrens’ bedrooms when they have hooligans for offspring? Or are mine just particularly destructive?


Darcy had his first day of kindy, which I think is going to be good for him. He desperately needs an outlet for his energy. Ronan is lost without his buddy and whinged the entire day D. was away. But wailing is his primary form of communication at the moment. That, and squealing.


I’ve pulled out my sewing machine and tailored some of my clothes, items I liked but just didn’t quite fit. Mostly taking in around the armhole – I don’t know why, that’s just always baggy on me – and taking up hems. #shortgirlproblems. I altered this lovely dress..


..and I have quite a few other things planned, some just tailoring, some sewing from scratch. I have quite a fabric stash stored up and I both want to cull my craft stuff and not spend anything on clothes for a while. I’m not sure how long my interest will last, but hey, at least I’m keeping myself busy.

Today I used up the remainder of my candle-making supplies and knocked out 25 scented soy candles. I once attempted to sell them through my Etsy store but that was short-lived. I’d like to spend more time writing but that’s fallen by the wayside as I’ve picked up other things.

I guess that doesn’t really matter, though. It’s been on my mind lately that I have to focus more on what I really, truly enjoy doing, rather than the plethora of things I feel like I ought to be doing for various reasons. Nobody benefits from that – not from the indecision and reluctance I feel about doing something I don’t want to, the guilt from not doing it, the feeling of being unaccomplished and useless.

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So, that’s about it for me. We’ll keep pottering along, figuring things out as we go along, finding out the rhythm in our family life. Enjoying the change and the challenges that come our way. Finding some sort of – dare I say it aloud – balance.

Until next time xx



2 thoughts on “Life As I Know It….

  1. “It’s been on my mind lately that I have to focus more on what I really, truly enjoy doing, rather than the plethora of things I feel like I ought to be doing for various reasons.” A pearl of wisdom some people never grasp.


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