5 Ways To Style A White Sundress



I feel so awkward publishing this.

I had it planned for weeks: the concept, the styling, the makeup. Then I did the photoshoot itself, after dithering all morning convincing myself it wasn’t the right moment.

Because I’m not a real fashion blogger. Because photographing yourself is narcissistic. Because I wear the same clothes four days in a row and can’t be bothered showering sometimes so how can I try to give someone styling advice? Because I don’t really know what I’m talking about. Because I forgot to shave my legs.

All of which boil down to, because I’m not really good enough.

But I made myself do it. I put the baby in his crib where he could watch me, set up my tripod, laid out the clothes, and sat the two older boys down out of the camera view.

Because this is what I wanted to do. I like clothes, I like blogging, I like makeup. So I did it. And there was some bad lighting and awkward poses and small sticky hands involved, but I still did it.

So here it is: my attempt at a fashion shoot and accompanying style guide.

5 Ways To Style A White Sundress

1. Casual

with flat, tan leather sandals and turquoise or green accessories


sundress // flat sandals // necklace

Dressed up a bit, but still casual enough for a backyard BBQ or lunch with friends – add heeled sandals and a clutch.

Processed with MOLDIV


clutch // sandals


2. Boho

with a floppy hat, kimono, and western fringed boots:


Processed with MOLDIV

kimono // ankle boots // hat



3. Modern

with a leather jacket and waist belt. Add vampy lips and nails for autumn.


jacket // belt // otk boots

4. Winter-ready

Layered with long cardigans and ankle boots, for transeasonal dressing:

Processed with MOLDIV

cardigan // bag // ankle boots


Processed with MOLDIV

I also love it with a neutral cardigan and over-the-knee boots:

Processed with MOLDIV

cardigan // otk boots



5. Dressed-up

And finally, with strappy black heels – wedges, in my case – statement earrings, and a clutch for a night out. Patience was wearing thin by this point, hence the photobombing children…



Processed with MOLDIV

wedges // clutch // earrings // ring


This last one is probably the least helpful photo but my favourite!



Thanks for reading!






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