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September {round up}


Blogging is still taking a back seat, but I am happy to report that September was a much better month than August! I did get sick, again, and almost lost my voice, but other than that it was largely positive.

One of my younger sisters visited for a little over a week, at the same time as we received a larger-than-expected end of financial year payment. So we bought a new couch, single bed for Ronan with new sheets, double quilt, etc; a lawn mower and edge trimmer to get our yard sorted, a new laptop for me (my old one was dying a long slow death), assorted pillows and blankets we needed, clothes for myself and husband. And then cleared out our spare room, plus two rooms downstairs filled with assorted junk, got rid of two old falling-apart couches and an armchair, and generally decluttered the crap out of our house. And it felt GOOD to finally get all this stuff done.

Matching beds! But they both want to sleep in the new one.
Our beautiful new graphite leather couch.

I went out with the baby once, and tried to do a bit of shopping while he whinged in the pram. He was a bit sick still and generally cranky and whingey, though he finally fell asleep as I walked up to the library and was well-behaved when we headed to the cinema and watched the new Jason Bourne movie. (Verdict: not nearly as good as the first three).


I also took my L2 test and passed it, so now I have to chalk up 50 hours of driving time and wait 6 months to take my P’s test. But I’m getting somewhere! And my dad and sister watched the kids while we bought out couch and went out to dinner at Jack Greene in Salamanca. The food was pretty good and the decor was stunning. I’d like to go back there one day with my Canon just to photograph the place!

Loving: the change in weather. It’s lovely to get some sun in the backyard with the kids, and to be able to send them outside as well!



Reading: I finished Wolf By Wolf, which was unique and fascinating. Can’t wait for the second one. I’ve been struggling to finish my library books before they have to be returned, and ended up with a few fines and having to return Shatter Me and Shadow and Bone without starting them. I also read Throne of Glass, but thought it was fairly atrocious.

Wearing: Lots of layers to keep up with the weather. Jeans, ankle boots, and light neutral tops and knit sweaters. I bought a distressed denim vest from Asos, which was kind of an unusual pick for me, but it’s worked out really well. I also bought some t-shirts and casual button-up shirts from Just Jeans for my husband. He refuses to buy clothes, but fortunately he loves what I buy for him and I’m happy with that brand for him.


Watching: I saw The Age of Adeline and Jurassic World through Presto. The former was a nice-looking film, without much substance, and I spent all of Jurassic World questioning basically every aspect of the film. The CGI was good. Everything else was abysmal. CGI and an interesting premise are no replacements for a logical story. And the characters!! Eugh. Even Chris Pratt couldn’t save it.

Image result for andy dwyer sweaty feelings


Listening: Eve by Neulore, Bare by Wildes, Glass Heart Hymn by Paper Route, Until We Go Down by Ruelle, Hollow by Emily Vaughn. I’m so indie I feel like I need soy lattes and a moustache.


The Children: All sorts of stuff happening with these three. The baby is crawling proficiently and pulling himself to standing and chugging down solids. There’s potty training, talking, 4am tantrums, musical beds, robot-pretending, dishwasher-unloading, good sleep, bad sleep, new food – Darcy has eaten yogurt, peanut butter, and fish fingers (not together, obviously), lullaby-learning, story-demanding, and always plenty of rocket-blasting-off noises.


Baby moved into a cot since he was clearly too big for the bassinet…







Thanks for reading!

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