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August {round up}


Honestly, August has been a bit of a non-event. I went out on the 5th and then didn’t leave the house for THREE WEEKS. Mostly due to a lingering cold/flu, then a bout of what I think was food poisoning – only Ronan and I were affected – and my husband bring extra busy with uni. I also kind of forgot to set myself any goals or projects, so I just dithered along. Hoping next month is a bit more fruitful!


Reading: One thing I did do this month – get down to the library. I had a massive to-be-read list gleaned from personal and random internet recommendations, and while some of them were absolute busts – When The Night Comes wins the award for the most boring book I’ve ever attempted to read, while I’ll Give You The Sun was just odd – I read the first few pages and didn’t get into the style – and Wool was soooooo longwinded and boring I ended up Googling the plot synopsis. But the Lunar Chronicles were a big hit: a sci-fi retelling of fairy tales like Cinderella and Rapunzel with strong Firefly influences – and The Wrath And The Dawn, a YA version of 1001 Arabian Nights, was amazing. It blew my mind, and not many books have ever had that affect on me!

Trying: a proper smokey eye. I tried it in blues and grey, using one of those cheapo e•l•f palettes, and ended up looking like The Mockingjay. My kids rubbed red lipstick over every available surface as I did it and also put some toothbrushes in the toilet. You can tell how happy I am.




Doing: Not much, but I did photograph baby Seb for his 6-month birthday, with Ronan in matching onsies. So much cute!




Buying: Picked up a couple of white tees, a striped tank and grey t-shirt dress from Atmos & Here (via The Iconic). I won’t buy much else for spring, because I know I’ll need a fair bit when summer rolls around.




Watching: Falling Skies, which was really great for the first few seasons and then deteriorated a bit, and by the end left my husband and I emotional wrecks; The Mindy Project – easy comedy – Gossip Girl – melodramatic, well-dressed angst – and bits of Pretty Little Liars and How To Get Away With Murder. The latter seemed quite good but I’m not sure if I want to invest my time in it yet.

The children: I’ve spent a fair bit of time and effort trying to change things around the house with these kiddies. We’ve started more of a structured routine, and I sit down with them in the morning to talk about what we’re doing that day. It’s usually the same thing as yesterday, but they like going through the “plan” with me. I’ve started involving them with more tidying up around the house, which keeps them busy – they unload the dishwasher for me which is *awesome*, it actually helps me out plus they don’t destroy the living room while I’m doing the dishes. Overall I’ve realised that they’re very well-behaved as long as they have 100% of my attention 100% of the time. Seriously, I turn my attention to something else, my phone, laptop, a book, and all hell breaks loose. So we’re working on finding a balance between giving them enough attention and me getting enough time away from them that I don’t end up drained and exhausted.


Baby Seb hit 6 months and is on his way to crawling, plus eating solids and all that other exciting stuff. His sleep has been a bit haywire, probably because he’s going through a growth spurt and also gets too busy during the day to feed properly and stocks up overnight.



tmpImage (2)

Anyway, that’s it from me! Fingers crossed next month pans out better than the last 😉

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