Daily Life

July {round up}


Making: I ticked a few things off my to-bake list – caramel bacon popcorn from an old Donna Hay magazine, pumpkin pie, chocolate s’more sandwich cookies, and spiced hot chocolate. I also made dinner – which doesn’t happen very often: pork, oregano and manchego cheese meatballs. It was AMAZING and definitely going into rotation.




Wearing: more of the usual jeans-tee-cardigan-ankle boot formula. Experimenting with LAYERING and stuff, and starting to reintroduce more jewelry. I had packed most of it away for safekeeping (from toddlers) a few months ago. I think I’m finally nailing the capsule wardrobe concept and spending a fair bit of time putting together outfit combinations using Polyvore. I’ll do a post on my autumn/winter capsule soon, but for now here’s my little graphic:



Also getting a lot of wear out of the zip-up dress from Portmans I bought in Melbourne, and the Bare Minerals concealer, which is doing a wonderful job of disguising this nasty red rash I have around my nose.

Dewy af.

Enjoying: putting together some pirate costumes for my two older boys. I dug out some of the old maps I made as a child – I invented the countries myself, and drew them up on paper stained with black tea so they had an appropriate antique look. I gave them some leather belts and old costume jewellery as treasure, and even made up an eyepatch for Darcy.

Pants optional

Doing: A lot of thinking. A lot of work, too. I’ve had two sessions with a psychologist, and so far it’s been a good experience, although it brings up a lot of stuff and I spend a lot of time in my head afterwards. My medication finally kicked in a few weeks ago, but every now and then I’ll have a bad day or get a sudden surge of adrenaline and go a bit hyperactive and anxious. This month started off well with my trip to  Melbs, but I’ve been struggling a bit since then (especially once husband went back to uni). Two steps forward, one step back.

I think the weather has been getting me down a bit as well – so far we seemed lucky, with fairly mild days and even some sun, and our new heat pump kept us nice and cosy indoors. The temperature really kicked in over the last week, though, and baby Seb has been coming off the floor with cold little hands and feet. I’m going a bit crazy (er) cooped up indoors and so are the toddlers.

Watching: …..Parks and Recreation. I’m sorry! I just adore that show. Also enjoyed Masterchef, and pleased to see Black Books on Netflix. I was in a rare romantic comedy mood the other night and watched He’s Just Not That Into You. I have a long list of Netflix shows I’ve started/am interested in/have been recommended to me, so I plan to watch one episode from each and see what interests me the most.

Listening: I haven’t discovered much new music lately, aside from True Colours by Zedd feat. Kesha – it’s the track they play on the Love Child trailer. I have yet to watch the show and often can’t even deal with the ads because they’re so sad! But the song is awesome. Also quite keen on Delta Goodrem’s Enough, which surprised me, and a bit of Lorde (Buzzcut Season popped up on Spotify) and Marina and the Diamonds.

The children: I’ve been locked in a bit of a battle with my older two lately. They’ve both had some big changes in their development, lots more talking and using new expressions, singing nursery rhymes and so on. But they spend almost every minute of every day bouncing around the furniture destroying things and pouring water everywhere and ignoring me, and then coming back and wanting attention by shoving toys in my face. My husband’s uni schedule this semester is insane, so many contact hours, and Darcy’s one-day-a-week-daycare can’t come around fast enough. I’m considering increasing them, despite the cost. At the moment I think getting a break from him is worth more than the $$.

Baby Seb is still fairly chilled out, and sleeping and feeding well. I’m really glad about the latter because breastfeeding went downhill around this age with my other two. He’s interested in everything we eat, but I haven’t fed him anything so far. He can’t quite sit up in his own yet and he’s so chunky and energetic I think he’s getting everything he needs for the moment. I did a photo shoot with him the other day which came up well.


I think that’s about it! What’s been happening in your part of town?

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