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Treat Yo Self 2016


This was my motto during my recent trip to Melbourne. My mum lives there, so I had been tossing up for a while about whether I wanted to go up with the kids or not. In the end I booked flights for just myself and baby Seb, leaving the other two with my husband (we had some babysitters and daycare lined up). So I packed our bags, tucked the baby into his carrier, and off we went. It was time for TREAT YO SELF 2016.

giphy (7)

giphy (6)

Day 1 I left the baby with my mum and headed to the Eastlands Shopping Centre in Ringwood.



I picked H & M first, and tried on a bunch of things – including these two jackets, a moto-style with pleather sleeves and a cream blazer edged in gold sequins.

First I was like “Which one should I get?” and then I bought both because

giphy (4)

Also they were $15 each on sale #bargain. Also found a little grey skirt to wear over leggings and some workout pants that are super comfy and hold errything in. Then Typo, which we do have in my state, but you know….TREAT YO SELF. Bought a new journal, a phone case, and clip-on macro lens for my iPhone. Headed to a pretty-looking patisserie and had lunch with a chai and almond croissant to finish. The food wasn’t amazing but it was good and I reveled in the silence and lack of children. And texted my sister a few times telling her all the stuff I was doing and making her jealous like the kind older sister that I am.


Didn’t Instagram my food but I thought about it.


I went to Mecca Cosmetica after that and had a lovely woman look after me. We picked out a concealer for dry patches (Bare Minerals) and she gave me some acid exfoliant samples, and showed me the Gypsy Water hair perfume from Byredo after I mentioned I loved the original fragrance. I bought that one and sampled the Mojavi Ghost, which is gorgeous – floral without being too “pink”. I’m pretty keen for that one during summer, and the Rose number was beautiful too.

Day 2 I went to Doncaster to meet a friend at Max Brenner’s. The menu promised wow much chocolate but the actual food was meh – I had a waffle sundae, which was stale waffle, under ripe banana, and a caramel sauce that tasted of fake banana drizzled over the top. It came with a chocolate sauce which was literally over sweet melted milk chocolate, so it solidified on contact with the ice cream and stuck to the spoon and the roof of your mouth etc. Sundaes need chocolate sauce, not just melted chocolate! But I had a lovely chat with my friend and then we headed to David Jones baby section and I bought done more Bonds zippies in the next size for baby Seb #bondsbaby4ever

Day 3 we picked up my brother and one of my friends who moved to Melbourne years ago – she was actually my maid of honour, and I hadn’t seen her for 3 and a half years. So we had lunch at Mr Pilgrim where my brother works (yay discount) and I had the Nutella waffles while he showed off the baby to all his coworkers and my friend, who recently graduated nursing school, told me about the various attractive doctors she works with. Her life is basically an episode of Offspring.


I’d planned to go to Cotton On Kids but went past Portmans on the way and saw a beautiful winter floral zip-up dress in the window. Zip-up dresses are every breastfeeding mum’s life goal. I sent a picture to my husband who gave it the tick of approval so I bought that as well.


Then found Cotton On Kids, which is dangerous because their baby stuff is all coordinated and so friggin cute, but I restrained myself and only got Darcy some jeans (which he needed) and a pair of leggings with a face on the bum for the baby (which he didn’t need but so cute). I headed into Toys R Us which was mildly terrifying and bought a few trains for the boys so they still loved me when I got home. I also spent lots of time with my family, braiding my sister’s hair, watching them play with the baby, getting confused between two of my brothers because they’re both turned into teenagers with deep voices, getting a box of T2 French Earl Grey and cookie cutters from my mum, watching Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn 99, and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D while eating croissants at 11pm. And then I listened to music on the flight home while the baby slept, gave my kids Krispy Kremes at the aiport when I got home, and watched Masterchef catch-ups in bed with all three kids and then had McDonald’s for dinner whihc included an apple pie dipped in ice cream and caramel sundae while showing off my Melbourne haul to my sister.


And that concludes Treat Yo Self 2016.


giphy (5).gif


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