Daily Life

June {Round up}


Doing: a suprising amount of baking, mostly tied to my week-long birthday celebrations, and really enjoying our holidays after my husband had his exams in mid-June. It’s been lovely and relaxing for me to have him around so often. He went to work after almost two weeks off and I had completely forgotten what it was like looking after three kids on my own! I had a chance to clean out our spare room (again) when Ben was around to watch the kids and went full Pinterest, creating a little reading nook with fairy lights and everything. It’s super cute but I haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

Wearing: I got dressed up on one occasion because I had a doctor’s appointment and had to pretend I had my life together. Also loving this comfy sweater from Jeanswest, great for bumming around at home and long enough to layer over leggings. And my fave burgundy nail polish, Ruby Fruit. Best winter colour ever.



Planning: my trip to Melbourne in early July – I’m flying over with baby Seb to visit my mum + family. Looking forward to a few days’ break from my two older kids.

Buys: some new natural shampoos from A Nourished Life, since I’ve developed a sensitivity to my current MooGoo number, and a bunch of lipstick samples from the same. I’m loving the LUK lip balms, the nude cinnamon in particular.


Watching: More of the usual – Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn 99, in between Masterchef and the ocassional episode of The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent when we want something trashy. Also super excited about the return of Offspring, although I wasn’t impressed with the first episode – found it a bit clunky and stereotyped. Maybe they’ll get back into the swing of things after a while.

Listening: Dove Song by Joni in the Moon from Offspring, old Eva Cassidy tracks – Kathy’s Song and Time after Time, and American Tune which has always fascinated me – the melody is based on O Sacred Head, an aria in Bach’s St Matthew’s Passion.

Eating: A crapload of cake. I’m caked out. This month alone I made tiramisu, a chocolate sour cream cake, baked doughnuts (from the Donna Hay mag) and a massive chocolate sponge cake with white chocolate icing on my birthday.

The children: Seb hit 4 months and needed his vaccines, which is always a rough day. He recovered well though and has been rolling over and trying to move around a bit. He’s quite fond of tummy time and has started reaching for toys and wriggled 90 degrees one day! He mostly rolls from front to back, which is easy once his head tips to one side, and has managed back to front on a few occasions. He’s still a super chilled-out baby and doesn’t seem to have hit the 4-month sleep regression…much. Or maybe I’m just used to a combination of drug-induced drowsiness and PND-induced insomnia so his sleep doesn’t affect me much.




Ronan and Darcy had developed a terrible habit of waking up early. Super early. So early. Darcy used to sleep in until 8am and it’s slowly been moving back to 7am, then 6am, and now 5am. The other day they got up at 4:50am, turned on the TV and sat on the couch staring at a screensaver because ABC Kids doesn’t run programs until 5. Last night they came into our bed so I assumed it was morning, checked my phone and it’s 2am.



I also left open packets of Tiny Teddies out in the living room so that they would have something to eat when they woke up and wouldn’t bother me. I can’t figure out if this is incredibly lazy or a genius move. #parentinghack

Tomorrow Darcy has daycare again – they’re going on an excursion to a wildlife park, which sounds ridiculously cute. I have an appointment with a psychologist, my first on the treatment plan for PND. No idea how that’s going to go, so wish me luck!


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