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Newborn Photography


When Sebastian was one week old I tried my hand at a newborn photo shoot. I’d done a bit of research on this while I was pregnant and most of the information I found was the same: newborn shoots should be done in the first 10 days – 2 weeks of a baby’s life, if you want the really soft, sleepy pictures; if you’re photographing with older children, get their shots out of the way as soon as possible; and don’t shoot “up the nose”. Most people (myself included) end up photographing babies looking up their face, which makes for an awkward angle. I had the baby in a nappy and muslin wrap, which was soft and comfortable and lent a bit of texture.




Darcy was quite happy to pose and fascinated with the baby, as always, but Ronan wouldn’t cooperate and bounced around the bed so he was sent away to play after a while. I took some nice portraits of just Darcy and Sebastian…




And then Darcy left as well, so I arranged baby Seb on a large pillow covered in plain white fabric I pulled out of my sewing stash. These didn’t work quite as well as I hoped, but the whole thing was quite a steep learning curve anyway (especially at eight days post-birth…)






I tried to take a photo while I was holding him…


…which worked about as well as one could expect. After that I moved him down onto the bed and posed him again, more successfully than on the giant pillow.




I was really happy with these shots – they were exactly what I had been looking for. They were posed without looking fake, and the muslin blanket lends a nice bit of texture to the image. I tried some detail shots and experimented with a dark background (the headboard of our bed).





By this point the light was starting to fade a bit, and baby and I were both getting towards the end of our patience, so I quickly took some more of our wedding rings on his toes (yes I got that from Pinterest) before he woke up.


S24 S26

And there you have it! My second attempt at newborn photography, and way more successful than the first time around – my son was 6 weeks old and covered in baby acne. I did a little bit of editing afterwards, mostly cropping out background and changing the colour. Photographs taken in our bedroom tend to have a blue tint, even though it’s natural light, which I put down to the sheer curtains I use. So I turned up the red tones to create a more natural, peachy colour on his skin. Hopefully soon I’ll have a post up with more information on baby photography, including using the camera on your iPhone. Thanks for reading!

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