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The Birthday Week 


On my birthday this year (June 9th) everyone in the house was sick, including me. My husband was so sick he stayed in bed half the day, which is only the third time that’s ever happened. And the following week he had exams. So we deferred my birthday celebrations until we were all better, he was on holidays, and I could give it the attention it deserved. I don’t celebrate things much these days but I want. I want our family to celebrate things, all the time, even for no reason. Above all I want to break the monotony. It’s much easier to get through months of dreary winter weather if I can find ways to break up the days. I also have a bad habit of buying things for my kids and nothing for myself, and that’s something I want to change. All part of Operation: Figure Out What Makes You Happy.

I bought myself some new types of natural shampoo, since my current one has given my a horrible rash after two years of use. And some lipstick samples, all from Nourished Life. My mum sent me a cute picture frame and blackboard labels, and one of my relatives dropped off a box of Fererro Rochers.



We went into the city on the Friday sans my eldest, who was at daycare, and I bought a new iPhone 5 to replace my old one, which was on the way out, and picked up a copy of Nigella Lawson’s How To Be A Domestic Goddess. Sunday was a family lunch with the in-laws – I made tiramisu and was given a Chrome Cast.

On Monday we headed into the city for lunch (which wasn’t amazing) and took some photos around Salamanca, which is a beautiful part of Hobart. It was a balmy 5 degrees so we were bundled up like crazy and I got some nice shots of the kids and my husband, who isn’t comfortable in front of the camera, but I channeled his scowl and made it work, like an impassive assassin from a Jason Bourne film who turns up the collar of his coat against the wind while waiting for intel from his contact in Budapest. #SpotTheDifference

1ad7b9a13083576da100deff037f2c59 b151fd909e73197be8633ff424bd4d29 f0a82bd689115335bd0b8450bb1cc9ba f2bb676151810fdfa7a87e5b3bf70b91 f42f219d2f47a7e20c628ed91de6e74bIMG_5199

My in-laws came over to dinner at our place on Tuesday, so I made pork bahn mi with picked vegetables and a fish sauce dressing – something I tried about a year ago after watching too much Masterchef – and a chocolate sour cream cake, which ended up being a chocolate yogurt cake because I ran out of sour cream. We watched Brooklyn 99 and introduced them to Parks and Recreation, two of the greatest comedy series of all time.

Wednesday baby Seb had his 4-month immunisations, which is always a lot of fun, and I discussed my current medication dose with our doctor. Its been making me super dopey and vague so I stare into space like a zombie half the time. #ILoveBeingOnZoloft. When we got home the baby had a long sleep and I started tidying up the desk in our spare room, which was covered in months of paperwork. I ended up cleaning the entire room and putting up a curtain and fairy lights over a reading nook. I have a reading nook now. So Pinterest.


And then on Thursday, for some reason, I had organised a birthday party for myself and invited friends over and cooked everything myself, which I don’t think I’ve ever done. I made a chocolate layer cake with piped white chocolate buttercream frosting, lemon yogurt muffins, caramel tarts topped with whipped cream, and little turkey – cranberry sandwiches and gave the house a quick tidy up in about two hours.

IMG_5256 (1)



Almost had an anxiety attack but baked my way through it and came out feeling #likeaboss. My sister gave me hipster chocolates from this hipster place in town and Peter Alexander pyjama pants, which might just be the greatest pyjama pants on the planet, and we drank elderflower cordial out of my floral teapot because the teapot was pretty but none of us really wanted tea.



Pj pants feat. small baby


My younger brother brought his girlfriend over for dinner (first time we’ve met her) and we watched The Man From U.N.C.L.E – good movie, but in typical Guy Ritchie style it won’t be everybody’s cup of tea – and the new Star Wars, which was good in some places and boring in others and left me wondering how on EARTH someone like Han Solo could produce such an annoying wuss of a son.

If it was animated... this is way to accurate

And then on Friday my husband had his brother and a friend over (the best man from our wedding) and we watched half of Ant-Man and all of Deadpool, and they saw Guardians of the Galaxy while my sister and I went clubbing in town. I’ll write a whole other post about this, but let me just say, it was wild and crazy. I had TWO drinks and we stayed out for over an hour. Thrilling stuff.

And that is the story of my birthday week 2016.

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