Daily Life

May {Round Up}

Celebrating: Ronan’s 2nd birthday. I took some photos of myself and the children using the tripod and camera remote I bought myself for Mother’s Day, with moderate success:


I planned to make a proper cake and buy him a sketchpad and do balloons and candles and stuff, but we ended up with packet-mix cupcakes and a new set of Duplo, both of which my husband bought on his way home that evening. It’s hard to feel like celebrating when you have PND; it felt like my body physically didn’t have the ability to feel the joy or excitement normally associated with birthdays. But he’s only two years old, plenty of time for big parties further down the track.

Also spent Mother’s Day with some friends, eating cake and talking about birth and babies and husbands while our combined total of 7 kids entertained each other.


Buys: Mostly some clothes for the boys from Cotton On and zip-up onsies from Bonds for all three – which is ridiculously cute – some tops and socks for the baby to layer over onsies, and beanies for my two older boys. Bonds zippys are the best thing ever. They grow with your child and of course you can turn up the feet when they get too tall.


Listening to: I found a whole lot of songs from the Vampire Diaries soundtrack while binge-watching Season 7. Favourites include Throne by Bring Me The Horizon (it’s a bit heavy, so look out) and anything from RAIGN, which reminds of Florence + The Machine. Also loving Woodkid’s Run Boy Run, the star of a zillion soundtracks, including Divergent, Teen Wolf, and some trailer for a computer game my husband showed me ages ago. Joy Williams’ Until The Levee, and Bones, by MSMR. And My Life Be Like (Ooh-Aah), which is an unusually upbeat track for me.

Watching: Aforementionted Vampire Diaries Season 7 – absolutely loving the flashbacks/flashforwards, the intriguing mention of Caroline’s fiancee, the mysterious huntress, the vageuly post-apocalyptic vibe in Mystic Falls, the Bonnie-Enzo stuff, and the fact that it has more of a serious action-driven drama, rather than a teen romance. The absence of Elena seemed to get rid of the vestiges of high school romance. Also, Alaric. I have a small crush on Alaric. I mean ajfhsjhjdgd



My new Vampire Diaries Crush!!:


Elijah Mikaelson:

all i’m saying is, there is a disproportionate amount of aesthetically pleasing males on that show.

I may have made them a Pinterest board. You’ll never know.

Also watching a bit of Teen Wolf, The Originals, Bad Education – which is hilarious and on Netlfix – and major, major bingeing on Offspring and Parks and Recreation. Teen Wolf is dumb for the first season and actually quite good for the second and third. Special effects are abysmal the whole way through, especially the werewolf transformations, but the story line, characters, and music definately improves in Season 2. Check out the opening credits.

Trying: to get out more, and figure out what helps me be happy and what doesn’t. So I headed out to the city with just the baby in his pram and did a bit of shopping – found some jeans from Target that fitted well, and tan ankle boots from Novo to replace my cheap ones. It was quite hard for me to concentrate on things and make decisions, and my anxiety was pretty bad, but I pushed through it and tried to enjoy myself anyway. We went to Dome to recharge with some cake and some people-watching.




The Children: Darcy is loving daycare, Ronan is devastated every time his big brother leaves, and baby Seb (now 3 months) is growing beautifully fat and chunky and full of smiles. Toilet-training so far is completely unsuccessful, although both older boys enjoy the process of removing nappies and washing hands and excessive toilet flushing.



After his brother went to daycare.







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