Daily Life

April {Round Up}


Doing: taking more (and better quality) photos of the kids, using my real camera instead of my phone…




We started sending Darcy, my eldest, to daycare once a week, and took a trip to the Botanical Gardens once the leaves started to turn. We also installed a heat pump which is a boring adult thing but is also super exciting because it means we’ll be warm this winter!!


Wearing: I ordered some things from Cotton On for myself – a chambray shirt, grey tank top, plaid shirt and an ivory nursing singlet with a beautiful lace detail down the back. I also bought a striped skirt and more boob tubes from Birdsnest.




Buys: I bought this pretty weekly planner from Etsy store, personalised with my name on the front:


Listening: Active Child’s Johnney BelindaIt’s OK  by Tom Rosenthal (the song from that ad for Wuthering Heights in theatre) and Kaleo’s Way Down We Go, from the season finale of Suits (wasn’t that amazing?!)

Watching: Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf, mostly. Lame but I love the opportunity to do something for myself every now and then by hiding in my room and bingeing on crappy TV series.


Eating: lots of fruit toast and iced chais on dreary mornings – chai packet mix made up with milk and topped off with ice cream, double cream, and sprinkled nutmeg.


The children: Darcy is loving daycare, and I’m loving the opportunity to spend more time with Ronan without his older brother, who tends to direct their playtime during the day. Baby Seb hit six weeks…


And then two months, and we had our eight week check up. His smile reached peak cheeky adorable level.




I was really struggling this month so I tried to take every opportunity to relax and give myself a break, even if it was just watching something on my laptop in bed, enjoying a cup of tea or doing something creative, like photography. I realised it’s not possible to take a break from everything by heading out by myself, so it’s more a case of carving out tiny spaces in my day to do something that makes me feel like I’m living instead of just surviving.





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