The End Is Nigh 

If you’re reading this, it means I’ve probably been kidnapped by Indonesian pirates.

Or I’m in labour. That’s more likely, now that I think about it.

I’m 41 + 3 tomorrow (42 weeks going by the due date I was using!) and heading to the hospital at 7am for an induction. I’ve had two natural full-term births – 40 + 1 with my first son, long labour but no interventions aside from artificial membrane rupture around 8 centimetres; 40 weeks exactly with my second, six hour labour with another ARM at 9 centimetres and gas + air for the last hour or so. So this is a different experience for me.

I had my last clinic appointment at 40 + 4, with a doctor instead of my usual midwives. I had a lovely doctor, who did all the usual checks like fundal height, blood pressure, etc. Her boss came in to do an internal exam with a stretch + sweep and he said I was already 3 centimetres dilated and baby 2/5 engaged. I was pretty happy to hear that, because it meant things were already on their way and if they did induce me, it wouldn’t be too “forced”. They checked amniotic fluid levels, booked the induction, and sent me to another room for a CTG {heart rate trace for the baby}. They gave me a brochure about indiction procedures, but that was about it – I didn’t get an opportunity to ask many questions about inducing. They all seemed to think I would go into labour on my own, anyway!

I had to come back for another CTG four days later (at 41 + 1) so I was able to ask the midwife about their induction procedures. Because the cervix is already partially dilated, I won’t need prostaglandin gel or any other cervical ripening techniques – they’ll start by breaking the waters, and then either wait and let me walk around for a while, to see if that starts labour, or start the hormone drip right away. She said it will depend on the doctor. I’d rather wait at least an hour or so before starting the drip, because once that goes in I won’t be able to walk around. She also told me that they’re careful about ensuring there’s a resting break in between contractions, as syntocinon-induced contractions can often be back-to-back and this is rough on the baby (and the mother!)

I’ve heard nothing but horror stories about inductions, and everyone kind of cringed when I said I was booked in for one. Plus gave me advice about trying to induce labour naturally. I haven’t tried anything, if I’m honest. Since I had the stretch + sweep, I’ve had a lot more painful contractions (often a few hours at a time in the evening) plus a lot of lower back and pelvic pain. That whole “everything is falling apart” feeling. And the bowling ball feeling! Which to me are all pre-labour signs. If I had to guess my due date based on how I felt, I would say it’s at the end of this week anyway, rather than my 40-week date. I feel as though things are pretty much ready to go anyway, and it just needs a little nudge to get things going.

And there are positive induction stories out there – once I went looking for them, I found loads, particularly from women who hag already had babies. Some just needed their waters broken, some just had a few hours of the drip before giving birth. Horror stories always get more air time ;p They’re usually from first time mums, too, who were induced using gels, which didn’t work, so they tried it again, which didn’t work, and then broke the waters, which didn’t do anything, so started the drip, which gave them super painful contractions bit they didn’t dilate at all, and then they end up with a c-section 20 hours later. It’s possible things could go badly for me. I’m prepared for needing an epidural and I know there’s a much higher chance I’ll end up with an emergency c-section. I’m okay with that.

I could walk for ages every day and eat curry or try caster oil and acupuncture and sex fifty times a day and so on. Or I could ask them to move the induction until I’m 42 weeks and keep monitoring things, etc. But I don’t actually want to. For me, the stress of waiting around is far worse than the thought of being induced. The anxiety was eating away at me over the last two weeks. This way, I can arrange babysitters, have my bags packed, catch up on the laundry….the babysitting is really important, because I don’t leave the kids very often, and they’re usually with my husband. I know Darcy will be fine without me but Ronan is not as chilled. He freaks out when I leave even when his dad is looking after him. He also freaked out the other day over some balloons and being in an elevator, so….

I bought them both baby dolls today. “They’ll learn how to be gentle and nuturing with babies!” I thought. Really they’ve just taken their clothes off and then complained when they couldn’t get them back on. And thrown them in the air. And so on. They *did* take them to bed, so that’s something.

And I bought a fit ball, because that’s something I can use with continuous monitoring and my hospital doesn’t always have enough (they couldn’t give me one last time around!). And high-waisted underwear, which is my way of being prepared for a Caesarian. And I repacked my hospital bags. And taking some photos of my enormous belly and thinking about doing some house work, but, ya know. Then I have to get up.

Also it’s a good thing I’m being induced tomorrow because I’ve finished all 8 seasons of House MD, and watching My Kitchen Rules isn’t quite as entertaining.

Anyway. Good luck to me 💕

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