38 Weeks {Pregnancy Update #7}


38 weeks, aka full term and baby could safely arrive any time, aka, I guess I should dig out all the baby stuff that’s still packed away behind three boxes in our spare room……

I was always very well organised during my previous pregnancies – hospital bags packed around 30 weeks, nursery all laid out with freshly-washed clothes and blankets, even decorated with a few cute teddy bears and framed pictures. This time I left everything until “after Christmas”, and while I have packed my hospital bags (you can read that post here) and washed most of the newborn clothes I’ll need, there’s still loads I have left to do. Like installing the baby capsule, which I’m not even sure will fit in the back of our car.


I would love to decorate the nursery, or rather the boys’ room, but those two demons would destroy any bits of decor they could get their hands on. They’re already hard at work destroying the change table and make a point of pulling everything out of their cube shelves several times a day. Baby’s clothes are stored in Ronan’s chest of drawers, wherever I could find room. But the lack of space, time, and energy has one upside: it’s made me think twice about bringing out all the baby crap I usually think we need. Newborns really don’t need rockers and swings and five sets of booties and knitted cardigans and ten pairs of socks….


… matter how cute they are.


Bub is measuring two weeks ahead – or rather, my uterus is, because you can’t check the size of the baby without a scan. My growth chart says I’m heading for a massive baby, but Ronan was the same during his pregnancy and he was a nice 8 pounds (not the 10 or whatever my chart said he would be). I don’t feel as huge this time around, either – I’m not in that whale phase yet, maybe because baby’s dropped a little and frees up some room in my diaphragm. Looking in the mirror I’d say I’ve lost a lot of weight, but according to the scales I’ve gained a lot recently (3 kilograms in 2 weeks). Everything seems to be going straight to the baby!


For some reason I can still sleep quite comfortably – no extra pillows needed, except for a handful of occasions. I can still sleep on my stomach sometimes. And there have only been a few nights where I couldn’t sleep due to the heat, usually the night after a 30 degree + day. They’ve all been followed by a cool rainy day so far so it hasn’t been too bad.

Craving: not much at the moment. Eating is hard work! Still fond of lemon and fresh mint and occasionally eating crushed ice. No longer craving cake – I think Christmas indulging was enough for me….

Eating: Lots of watermelon and fresh fruit with yogurt. I’m struggling to want meat of any sort, so I’m looking for protein in eggs or chickpeas or fish instead. Baked egg dishes like frittata and zuchinni slice work quite well.

Drinking: iced water, half-frozen Powerade, chocolate milk. I often half-freeze my water bottle during the day, though the struggle with a nice water bottle is that my toddlers immediately want to drink out of it, too. Their sippies clearly aren’t good enough….

Loving: the fact that this will soon be over! And every time the weather cools down I’m immediately grateful and feel more fond of winter than ever.

Over it: The heat. And the swelling, exhaustion, light-headedness, dehydration, and itching that goes along with it….not to mention endless Braxton Hicks contractions. I keep politely telling my uterus that we both know how to give birth and really don’t have to practice 20 times a day. But it’s ignoring me for some reason.

Excited: For the baby, obviously! And to see how much I can get done over the next few weeks.

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