31 Weeks {Pregnancy Update #6}

Craving: Lemons, mostly. I was trying to be good and moderate myself but I’m back to putting slices in my water glass and eating them after all the water’s gone….Also using lavender oil and cleaning with products that smell good! I didn’t even mind the other day when my brother skipped out on doing dishes on his night, because it meant I could do them and use lemon-scented dish detergent and my eucalyptus surface cleaner. It’s insane.


Eating: Lots of raspberry yogurt smoothies (with frozen berries) and the occasional binge on cake. My appetite is up and down a bit at the moment, swinging from “I can’t be bothered eating” to ravenously hungry.

Drinking: Lots of milk. My husband keeps buying me chocolate, and I can’t eat chocolate without a glass of milk alongside. Also chocolate milkshakes, obviously….I’ve also made some cocktail syrups for Christmas – blackberry and vanilla, strawberry and rosemary, and lemon and lavender – and had fun sampling them along the way.


Loving: Successful painting projects. And our bedroom (including a new wardrobe), because it stays quite tidy and looks nice even when the rest of the house is a pigsty!

Over it: Itching. I’ve had a few nights with insane itching on the soles of my feet, plus just general itchy skin all over. Intense itching on the feet and hands can be a sign of obstetric cholestasis, a pregnancy-induced liver condition, a fact I’m trying to ignore. I will mention it to the midwife at my next appointment, though.

Excited: I was excited for Christmas, but I’m more interested in the actual baby :p

Sometimes it feels like ages away, until I think about the things I have to do before I give birth, and then there’s not enough time. I’ve slowed down majorly in the last week or so, after being really energetic, which always stresses me out a little because I want things DONE. Not so much cleaning as organising, because the less stuff I have floating around, the less stuff I have to keep cleaning up.

Toys and mail are the biggest culprits. I keep hiding half the kids toys in our spare room and they keep finding them again. At the same time I’m a little bored, too – sick of tidying up, not motivated enough to start a new painting project. There’s Christmas decorations to put up, but my kids are determined to destroy everything they can get their hands on. I put five baubles on the tree before I have up shooing Ronan away – he liked eating the glittery ones, and poured out the entire box of decorations twice – and stuck the tree behind a safety gate. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to move it somewhere else, though. Out of the way where they can’t reach and nobody can see it…..yeah not sure why we bothered putting up a tree at all! It *does* look pretty when it’s finished, though…

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