Pregnancy Skincare Products


I’ve had oily skin for as long as I can remember, aside from a bit of dryness caused by hormones after giving birth, or during the first trimester of a pregnancy. This time around, it’s the opposite – very oily during the first couple of months, and now dryer than the Sahara. I was applying moisturiser three times a day and the skin on my face was still dry, dull, and peeling, with rough red patches and a stinging reaction whenever I tried to use my regular makeup.

So I’ve had to change up my regular {lazy} skincare routine, trialling a bunch of new products, and being really careful about removing makeup in the evening and cleansing properly, as well as applying a serum and moisturiser at night, which I didn’t use to do. I’ve found cleansing more regularly has reduced the blackheads I’m prone to getting around my nose.



Nutrir Nourishing Cleansing Oil, $24.95 for 100ml

I have yet to find a really good daily cleanser, but this is a lovely one for removing makeup or whenever your skin needs a really good clean. It smells very spa-like – a bit damp and woodsy, like a forest floor, due to the Willowbark extract, with a bit of lemon myrtle in the background, and foams up a little as it emulsifies and gives a cool, tingly feeling. My skin was left quite glowy, looking pink and white in the appropriate places, firm, but not tight, and the odd dry patches on my forehead and cheeks had disappeared (thanks to the natural exfoliating action of the Willowbark). It’s a good option for those who want a chemical exfoliant, rather than a physical one using granules, especially if you remove it using a damp face washer. {I often mix this with a bit of Sukin’s Creamy Cleanser to avoid over cleansing}



Sukin Micellar Cleansing Water, $9.95 for 250ml

This is neither a cream nor a foaming cleanser. It’s mostly made of glycerine, aloe vera juice, and cucumber extract, and is generally recommended as a makeup remover (followed by another cleanser). It’s very gentle and cooling, good for removing eye makeup. I use it at night on its own, since I usually don’t wear makeup or sunscreen so don’t need a strong cleanser – just soak a cotton ball or two, swipe over the skin, and rinse with plain water. It *does* contain alcohol (in ethanol form) which can be drying to your skin, so I’m limiting how often I use it.



Sukin Purely Ageless Botanical Hydration Oil, $23.95 for 25ml

This might be one of my favourite skin products. Ever. It contains immortelle extract, somewhat legendary in the skincare industry for its healing and rejuvenating properties, as well as jojoba, sweet almond, and argan oil. The immortelle lends a very soft floral note to the rose and ylang ylang oils and they smell divine all together. I use this morning and night, between cleansing and before moisturising. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and velvety, better than it has in years.



MooGoo Full Cream Facial Lotion, $13.50 for 75gm

This is one of my fave heavy-duty facial moisturisers. It’s thick but not heavy, and contains no synthetic fragrances. Scented with pear extract, apple cider vinegar, and honey, it’s got a lovely milky smell with a bit of sourness, like buttermilk, or apple and custard. Their Acne Cleansing Cream is proving quite effective on my teenage sister, too. Like most of the MooGoo product range it’s 100% natural and very affordable.




Antipodes Manuka Aura Cleansing Mask, $48.99 for 75ml

This is another little gem to have tucked away in your beauty cabinet. It’s more expensive for skincare than I’ll usually pay, but it’s well worth it. A lovely smooth, creamy mask that feels velvety as it goes on, a bit sticky until it dries (I left it on overnight) but not at all drying. It would be ideal for those with oily skin as well as dry, since it’s not greasy at all, or drying the way a lot of clay masks are. I had a few red patches with whiteheads developing and some dry areas, and all of them were gone the next morning. It’s the first time in ages I’ve woken up without an angry red spot on one cheek (usually made worse by sleeping on it). I rinsed it off in the shower and used my usual serum and moisturiser afterwards.

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