Daily Life

Hello November 

Midway through another month, and into the third trimester now – time for another round-up….

Wearing: A bunch of new maternity tees from Ripe, which I bought in grey, white and mint, my fave turquoise jeans, and just recently a pair of denim maternity shorts. They took forever to arrive, and they were a pretty yellow on the website and a green-yellow snot colour in reality. But it’s nice to have shorts on hand.

Maternity clothes

Planning: My next DIY project, and decorating the kids’ room. They’re in the same room now, and Darcy’s just upgraded to a single bed. No quilt cover, yet, so we’re using the one my sister just replaced :p


I’ve done a bit of Christmas planning, too, and figuring out what we’re doing on the day, since my siblings will fly to Melbourne in the evening. And indulging my love of fairy lights.


Watching: Lots of Brooklyn 99 – a comedy show this time, with Andy Samberg from Lonely Island. Doctor Who on Sunday nights, if I remember. Not much else, though, and I’m enjoying the break from my TV + Netflix.

Listening: I started NaNoWriMo this month thoroughly sick of all my music. I found Florence + The Machine’s No Light, No Light, which was heavily on repeat, as well as bits of several soundtracks: Interstellar, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Blood Diamond, Minority Report. A lot of Hans Zimmer. You can view my Youtube playlist here.

Doing: Writing….sort of. I was determined to take part in NaNo again this year and finish my manuscript once and for all. But I went a few days without doing anything, then got really strict and wrote every day, and then after 17,000 words I’ve slackened off again. I did some painting instead. Turns out I actually can’t look after two toddlers, grow a baby, keep up with housework, write 50,000 words, blog, and finish painting projects all at the same time. This is my face after trying:


Trying: I’d like to say I’ve been looking after my new hair, after getting it professionally cut and coloured for the first time ever. It looked so good after blow drying with a round brush I was determined to keep it up at home, especially since it lasted three days and looked perfect every morning without brushing. But I’m back to my usual messy bun/ponytail habits. I have worn it out more than usual, though.

My hair in all its swishy blow-dried glory…..

The children: Well, I finally moved Ronan into Darcy’s room. Their two little cots lined up on either side of the room. So cute. There was a gaping hole left in my heart bedroom for the first night, but I started sleeping better without him there. The good news is, he settled in quickly, going down without any fuss on the first night and every night since. I had to go in to give him his bottles at 11pm, 3am, and 6am, which was tiring, but he’s gradually dropping his bottles (just down to one at about 4am now) and I’m starting to sleep longer stretches instead of waking up on his old schedule.


They’ve both been their usual combination of annoying and adorable. They play outside a lot, which is great, but they tend to play in the dirt. A lot. Ronan has started bringing handfuls of soil into the house and sprinkling it all through the hallway. He took the sock basket out the other day and emptied it into the garden. And then one of my jewellery boxes, where he buried the contents in a planter box. I’m still finding decorative hairpins every time I go outside. And then just the other day Darcy came inside and said, “Bebe ate da snail. Spit it out, bebe, spit it out!”


Unfortunately there was nothing left except a trail of dirt smeared around his grinning mouth. I’m just hoping it was only a shell….

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