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I’ve already written about all the things I wanted finished around our house by the end of October. Well, this is the list of the stuff that I would *like* done before I have the baby, but aren’t absolutely necessary. My fantasy list, stuff I would get done if I had unlimited time/energy/talent/patience for trips to the hardware store. They’re really just for me because I like mucking around with paint. Seriously, so much paint on my mind lately. Do I know what I’m doing? Not really. Does it matter? Apparently not!

I’ve painted a few things lately (windowsill, two kiddie chairs, chalkboard paint) and I’ve learned a few things about adequate prep work and primer and figuring out the correct size paint brush and when to use a roller, etc….and most of what I’ve done so far is with the attitude that it couldn’t look worse than it already did. Which so far has been accurate.

1. Repainting the bathroom walls (this wasn’t done that long ago, but there are marks showing through from knots in the timber, which I think is caused by the incorrect primer).

2. Tiling/adding skirting boards in bathroom – there’s no finish between the lino and wall colour.

3. Tiling around shower. It’s currently finished with a lovely shade of waterproofing :p

4. Patch painting interior walls – they were painted fairly recently and I like the colour, but there’s some *cough* decor that small humans have added and a few chips and bumps here and there. *Update* I’ve repainted a few walls in the kitchen, around the front door, parts of the hallway, and all the drawings and obvious marks in our bedroom. Still more to do in the kitchen, hallway, and spare room. The kids’ room really needs to be entirely repainted as it’s covered in drawings, but I’m reluctant to do this and then have the kids sleep in a freshly-painted room. I might get away with it on a really warm day so it dries quickly.

The kitchen wall after painting. It was so smooth that, like a pair of freshly-shaved legs, it instantly made you want to touch it. So sleek. No more stamps and pencil marks and weird light patches from where I pulled off a calendar mounted on sticky pads.


5. Wooden trim. The entire house is trimmed in a light timber – windowsills, skirting boards & around doors. I’d like the windowsills & door frames white, but perhaps leave the skirting board timber. It’s less upkeep, I think. I go back and forward on this all the time, especially since it’ll be hard to keep the kidlets away while I’m working on it. I just keep thinking about how it would look in white…

6. Coat rack. It’s ugly and I want a white one. And why buy another one when I can fix it with a gazillion dollars worth of paint? Right? *Update* I’m repainting this right now. The primer is drying as I type….


7. This whole built-in desk area. Especially since it’s unfinished timber & MDF board at the moment. (I think it’s MDF?? I don’t know, all I know about DIY stuff comes from Google searches). It’s covered in stamps and drawings and general grottiness.


I actually finished this recently – it took me four days to paint that area and down the other side, which has a built-in cabinet, and the wooden trim around the linen closet. It now looks like this:



8. Kids chest of drawers. There are two in Darcy’s room, one for each child. One is in ok condition, just a bit cheap and the runners are wearing out and the handles keep falling off. The other is older and darker and quite banged about, with lots of scratches and dents. Darcy’s room is quite dark so I want some lighter furniture in there. I’d like one in pale yellow and one in a light aqua/turquoise – maybe with the drawer fronts in a darker tone?



I’d also like the bookcase painted white, but I might just get rid of it altogether.

Don’t like the rest of this nursery, but the mint colour is pretty cute. I’d go a teeny bit lighter, so it’s more of a pastel:

i like the idea of placing a changing pad on a dresser instead of having a traditional changing station.:

Nursery dresser inspo via Pinterest

9. Living room tall boy. This is a piece of furniture my mum left. It has good bones, but it’s looking a bit worse for wear. I’d love to try a light turquoise/aqua colour, maybe with ombré drawers, and new gold hardware. My sister keeps warning me against painting anything turquoise, as she thinks I’ll hate it after a while.


10. Side table. This is my husband’s and I’m not fond of the orange-y tint of the timber. I’m thinking white, maybe with a light grey trim or drawer fronts. It’s fairly small so would make a good project to start with, and it’s not precious so doesn’t matter if I make a few mistakes. I’m aware that this is a pretty crappy iPhone photo but I had a toddler at my elbow trying to shove his hand into the frame so I had to be quick.


This is how I’d like it to look:

25 Amazing Trash to Treasure Projects! {Get Your DIY On Features} - Just a Girl and Her Blog

Side table inspo via Pinterest

11. Tall Bookcase – again, I don’t like that orange timber. I’d like it in white, because I love a white bookcase, maybe with wallpaper as well??



12. Wooden chest/toy box. This is quite a nice piece, just with an ugly finish. I’m tossing up between turning it into a toy box for the living room, after I remove the lid – that way they can’t slam their fingers or sit on it to jump out the window – and leaving it here in the spare room, with a few cushions on top as a pretty window seat.

13. Kitchen cabinets. We recently bought some lovely new kitchen cabinets in white, with the same profile as our old ones. We can’t afford to replace everything, but it should match if I paint our old, ugly blue ones white, and buy matching hardware.

14. Chest of drawers. This is the buddy to one in the boys’ room. It’s also very dinged up, and currently houses some craft items and paperwork. Not sure on any colours. White (or an off-white) makes the most sense, though I could try something more complicated – black with antique gold trim, so I can try out metallic paint. Or stenciling, or some new technique. In my head it looks like this:


Inspo via Pinterest.

17. Dressing table & wardrobe (in the master bedroom) – these are beautiful old blackwood antiques. I’ve had them for years, so they hold enormous sentimental value. They’re just so…dark. The wardrobe in particular is very tall and imposing. But I don’t think I could bring myself to paint them. Maybe just give the dressing table a good polish, maybe a lighter stain?

I’ve made some changes in our room, including switching out our ugly navy curtains and moving Ronan and his cot into another room, so the bedroom has a much lighter feel now, and they don’t feel quite as domineering.


18. Bedside tables – these are pretty new. They came with our old bedframe, bought at the start of our marriage, but we recently upgraded to a king-size. The new bed is much more modern and doesn’t *really* go with the timber bedside tables. But they’re so new I don’t know if I want to paint them, either. Painting furniture should be for ugly/damaged things, really. But white would look so much better. But! *sigh*


So, that’s it. I have no idea how many of these things I’ll actually get done, or which one to start next. The last job I did was *exhausting*, and I’ll need to buy new paint soon, too, which gets expensive. I have a bit less than 80 days left in this pregnancy – how much do you think I could do??

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