Favourite Bath & Body Products

These are my current favourite body products. They’re natural, non-toxic, gentle on your skin, and safe for use during pregnancy.


Gaia Body Wash, 250ml for $12.95

These are my favourite body washes, ever. They’ve spoiled me for anything else.  Sulphate-free and non-drying, the Pink Grapefruit & Jasmine is fresh and clean, and the Lavender & Frankincense perfect for an evening shower when you’re trying to wind down before bed. I like my lavender scent strong, so I add more essential oil to the bottle & give it a good shake. Or squeeze some onto a shower puff and add an extra drop before lathering up. They all work well as shaving gels, too.

The body washes from their baby range are just as good – Lavender & Sweet Orange, and a dreamy Sleep Time bath wash uses lavender and ylang ylang {my current favourite}. They have a light lather but still make a decent bubble bath when added to running water, and they’re safe for both newborns and toddlers.

Gaia products are available online and from chemists; their baby range is also available at major grocery stores.



 Sukin Sensitive Soothing Body Lotion, $19.95 for 500ml

This is a great all round lotion, well priced and a lovely velvety texture. It’s scented only with vanilla extract, no other synthetic fragrances or essential oils, which is wonderful when you just want something plain. I keep the pump bottle by the hand wash on the bathroom cabinet, as a reminder to slap it on as a hand cream after washing them for the 34th time that day. I’m also happy to use it on both my kids, including Ronan, who’s prone to dry patches and eczema, so I need a cheap and non-irritating lotion I can use on him between outbreaks.



 Gaia Belly Butter, 150ml for $17.95

100% natural, this rich cream is loaded with shea butter and is scented lightly with lavender, frankincense, mandarin & orange essential oils. It’s beautiful to use and a perfect texture for massaging (hint, husband, hint). I don’t believe any amount of cream or oil can prevent or heal stretch marks, but I like having belly creams and oils on hand to help with itching from stretched skin. It leaves a little residue, which is why I like it for massages, when you want something that can take a bit of rubbing in.



The Divine Company Mum’s Tummy & Body Oil, $59.95 for 100ml

I picked this up at Myer while I was in Melbourne. It’s a lovely body oil, formulated using beautifully nourishing oils and plant extracts and scented lightly with grapefruit, sweet orange, sandalwood, and mandarin. It smells very faintly of citrus and sinks in straight away, leaving almost no residue on my hands. The serum pump makes for easy dispensing, too. I bought it during winter and some of the oil solidified in the cold, but I could still use the pump and it melted on contact. Good for your bump and also arms and legs if they’re a little dry.

The Divine Company is owned by Therese Kerr, Miranda Kerr’s mother, and their products are certified organic and 100% Australian owned. 

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