Daily Life

Hello, October

We’re partway through spring, and I’m just over halfway through this pregnancy, so I figured it was time to take stock of a few things – what I’m wearing/watching/listening to/doing etc. Because I’m sure everyone else is interested in reading about the random crap that goes through my brain 50,000 times a day.

Wearing: usually maternity jeans and tank tops, but I’m doing A Quirky Bird’s #mystyleoctober challenge, so I’ve had to put some effort into picking outfits. I have a terrible habit of grabbing the first thing that comes to hand after my shower, usually yesterday’s clothes, and thinking ‘oh I’ll get dressed properly later.’ This was today’s pick for Vintage Vixen – it’s not my most vixeny moment, but it’s pretty cute.


Planning: my summer maternity clothes. This is the first time I’ll go through the second + third trimesters during spring + summer, so there are a few gaps in my pregnancy wardrobe – mostly shorts, which for some reason are really hard to find! Maternity capri pants abound, which I have an intense hatred for, and the occasional pair of knee-length shorts. I did find this rather cute yellow pair during my online search, though….

Watching: I’ve cut down on my TV and Netflix bingeing lately, but just started watching Suits again. Went through Season 4 and the first half of Season 5 in a few days and now I’m suffering withdrawals. If I were to describe the TV show, I’d say it’s a lot of very sexy well-dressed people making money and talking about bylaws and hostile takeovers and saying “You’re goddamn right” or “That’s bullshit and you know it” every 30 seconds and then walking in slow motion while buttoning their suit with moody pop music playing in the background. It’s smart, funny, and stylish. Plus, it has Gina Torres.

And the character’s wardrobes make me want to wear pencil skirts and high heels all day. Oh and then there’s Gabriel Macht, too, who plays Harvey Specter….

Who is a badass. A very well-dressed badass, too. I believe his suits are tailor-made by Tom Ford and cost something like $12,000 each. Plus he has that face.

There’s Doctor Who on Sunday nights again too, which makes me happy. I think Capaldi is my favourite doctor, though I’ll always have a soft spot for Eccleston. Mostly because he’s underrated. And because everyone else likes Tennant and Smith, and it’s in my nature to slightly dislike anything that’s too popular. (So much so that I have to reassure myself that it’s okay to like decorating or fashion trends that are in style.)

Listening to: some of the Suits soundtrack, rather embarrassingly. Mostly Short Change Hero by The Heavy and moody tracks like Aloe Blacc’s Ticking Bomb. They really should be listened to while slowly drinking expensive whiskey and staring out your office window over New York City.

Doing: I’ve been decorating our spare room/office over the last few weeks, which mostly involves tacking up a massive amount of artwork along the wall above my desk. I’ve got a pin board where I’m plotting out my novel, which will hopefully involve some newspaper clippings, yellow Post-Its and red string. Because that’s what people do in movies. Red string wouldn’t serve any actual purpose, other than making me feel intelligent when I lean back in my black leather chair and survey my plans for world domination.

Although knowing me, I’ll end up doing something like this instead:


Trying: new hairstyles. This is a double braid up-do from Hair Romance’s ebook. It came out messy but still a bit cute, and way better than yet another bloody ponytail.



The children: sometimes my kids are pretty well-behaved. They play together most of the day without bothering me. And then sometimes they go through a stage of constant whingeing and demanding silly things and throwing toys out of the windows and stuff. It’s mostly my youngest, Ronan. IMG_9776

He has a sweet face. Boy, does he have a sweet face. But he can whine all day, without stopping for anything, wakes up 2-3 times a night and starts his day at 6am. Unlike his brother, who takes after me in the sleeping department. 12+ hours a night and we don’t hear a peep from him until 8am. We have to keep his door closed in the morning to stop Ronan going in and waking him up.


This kid is the best. He only thinks *some* of his food belongs on the floor, for starters. He’s very sweet-tempered and affectionate, while Ronan is busy trying to figure out how to unbuckle his seat belt and take his bottles apart and turn on the PlayStation and pull his nappy off. He is my evil genius.

One of the most fascinating things about having children is seeing their personalities come out and how different they are, from such a young age, and seeing which parent they take after. Ronan started throwing tantrums at 14 months, while Darcy hasn’t had one. Ever. He’s had meltdowns in public over ride-on toys in shopping centers, but never a full-on angry tantrum. I’m glad he skipped the terrible twos though, because it looks like his younger brother has enough toddler angst for the both of them.

Ah well. At least they go to bed at night without any trouble. Nothing clears your frustration towards a toddler like watching them run to the bathroom to brush their teeth and say ‘night-night’ and then not hear anything out of them. For a couple hours, in Ronan’s case. But that silence at the end of the day….I love my kids so much when they’re sleeping 😛

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