22 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #4}


I had my first face-to-face appointment at the hospital earlier this week. I was reminded, again, of how much I don’t like that hospital. I like the midwives and doctors that I see for appointments. I hate everything else. I’m just glad it’s a public hospital because it would be intolerable if I had to pay for it!!

My least-favourite admin guy was on the front desk, even though the antenatal clinic has switched buildings. Going to an appointment here always starts off with waiting in line while the desk staff finish their conversation, usually complaining about their previous patient, before they stare at their computer for a while and finally call you over with an air of great resentment. They never say “Ill just be a moment” or make eye contact or smile. That’s obviously too much effort.


I was booked in to see a doctor for this first appointment. The doctor’s clinic usually sees high-risk pregnancies only, and they NEVER run on time. I only had to wait 40-50 minutes, but one of the other ladies was there for 1 1/4 hours. I don’t understand how they get that far behind – it’s not as though they didn’t realize you were coming. But they *did* have toys in the waiting room, because some bright spark finally figured out that women actually have more than one child and if they’re pregnant, chances are the previous children are still fairly young. And the doctor I ended up seeing was lovely and efficient and didn’t once complain about how many kids I have or how close they are, etc. She said they love having women like me come in because we have babies without any trouble 😛 (Both my previous pregnancies and births have been low-risk and uncomplicated). She didn’t seem at all bothered when Ronan alternated between wailing because he wasn’t with his daddy and wailing when he was with daddy because he wasn’t with me. He’s a fun child, that one….

Anyway. I shouldn’t complain. Despite the frustrations of a public hospital, it could be so much worse. I’ve never had negligent medical staff and have no complaints about how I’ve been looked after in labour, which is probably the most important thing. And we’re very lucky that we have free healthcare here.

Craving: Cake. Still with the cake. And I have a serious desire to make custard scrolls. I’m starting to feel like eating citrus, which I did during my last pregnancy. Literally just ate lemons slice by slice. It was VERY rough on my teeth though, so I’m not giving into that craving this time around.

Eating: A lot of muffins and anything else I can bake. Somehow I feel like pigging out on home-made cookies and so on is healthier than store-bought stuff. I know what’s in it, I guess…

Drinking: Just water. Boring, I know…

Loving: Slightly warmer weather.

Over it: The general feeling of being too stuffed full to do anything.

Excited: For warmer weather. And for my grumpiness to wear off.

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