20 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #3}


20 weeks today – the halfway point. I’ve had my first appointment with the hospital (over the phone), which was just a bunch of questions about family health conditions and whether I have depression or a violent boyfriend. I know they’re all standard questions, but you’d think they could fill in some of them using the answers I provided for my last two pregnancies. They told me I probably can’t fit into either of the midwife programs they run through the hospital, because I’m booking in late – my GP sent off the referral when I came back at 17 weeks to see the result of my blood tests, instead of at 11 weeks when I had my first appointment with him.

They *might* have space for me in the Midwifery Group Practice, which is the one I wanted; otherwise I can see a different set of midwives at the same clinic, still close to my house, but they won’t be at the hospital when I give birth. Which I don’t really mind. I know a lot of the midwives who work there anywhere – there are only 18 months between my first two boys, and they were both born at the same hospital through the same midwife program, so a lot of them remembered me. I’m also pretty confident giving birth. Maybe. I don’t know. But I don’t feel like I rely on support from the midwife to get through it. Maybe that’s because I’ve never had a bad midwife :p

I had my 20-week scan today. I booked in at an ultrasound clinic located inside a private hospital, which was still free for me with a Medicare + healthcare card, but wasn’t as busy as the clinic I went to last time. I had a really good sonographer, too; he told me what he was looking at and pointed everything out, and made sure to capture some cute profile images. At my dating scan I had a very vague and unhelpful woman who asked me how far along I was – I told her about 12 weeks – and at the end of the scan she said “You’re about 12 weeks.” Which wasn’t incredibly helpful. She also complained about my other kids being with me, which I know is annoying, but my husband was there keeping an eye on them, so it’s not like they were running around unplugging machines or anything.


Baby was super active, more wriggly than I’ve seen before. It didn’t stop moving for the entire scan! I got to see him yawning, sucking his hand, and curling up with one foot over his head (!). Apparently he fancies himself as a contortionist. And yes, this is my third boy. I said I’d like to see the gender if possible, and as soon as the technician hovered over his pelvis I thought, “Yeah, that looks like a penis.” I’m getting pretty good at recognizing them now :p I love my boys, and I’m  not desperate for a girl. I’d just like one because it’s something different. And on a purely superficial level, I’d like to buy pink clothes and stuff. But I don’t think I’m missing out on any ‘special bond’ or anything. I do have terrible instincts when it comes to picking genders, though. I thought both of my previous babies were girls, and this time I was convinced – completely convinced – it was a girl. I had her name picked out and everything. But I have other names to choose from. One of the perks of being a writer is that I have a collection of favourite names to use for my main characters, or children, depending on which comes first. Though the downside is sometimes the nature of my characters change, so I end up my second son sharing his first name with one of my bad guys….

Craving: Pineapple juice. So. Much. Pineapple. And cake, but I’m trying to ignore that.

Eating: Zucchini slice, cooked apple with yogurt and cinnamon…not much in particular, just lots of it. The Pregnancy Hunger hit me hard recently. It’s when you want to eat everything in sight and need two breakfasts and three lunches, etc.

Drinking: Juice and water. Loads of water. I’ve read in a few places that you should cut down on your liquid consumption in the afternoon/evening, to avoid nighttime toilet trips, but I don’t find that helps. I’m still up three times a night regardless, and it can irritate your bladder to have too little fluid in it. Plus if you stop drinking water at 3pm, and go to bed at 10pm, that’s 7 hours without hydrating….

Loving: The fact that I can still sleep on my stomach….just. I hate side sleeping so I’m putting it off as long as possible.

Over It: nausea. Had. Enough.

Excited: Hmm….not much. I seem to be getting a bit more sleep than usual, that’s pretty exciting :p

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