19 Weeks {Pregnancy Post #2}


I didn’t intend for this to become a pregnancy blog, but when you’re pregnant, there’s not much else you want to talk about….


Plus we’re entering the more exciting phase, past the dying-of-morning-sickness-and-feeling-fat stage and into the actually pregnant-looking bit with scans and regular appointments and baby kicks. (I’ve had fluttery movements for quite a while, but I’m looking forward to proper kicks.)

Currently 19 weeks, and just received a letter from the hospital with the details of my first midwife appointment. It’s at 9am, right when my husband will be at uni…and apparently the antenatal clinic is booked until the end of the month so they wouldn’t let me change the time. *But* I was fortunate enough to have someone nice and helpful on the phone who changed it to a phone consultation. It’s really just to check all my details and see which category I’ll fit into, I think. I’ll see one of their doctors after that, get all the referrals for blood tests and glucose screening etc, then get assigned into a midwifery program.

I went through the public hospital for both previous babies, through the KYM (Know Your Midwife) scheme. The midwives themselves were always fantastic; I probably saw 15 different ones during checkups and for the birth and so on and they were all wonderful. But I don’t think I’ll go with them this time – all the checkups are at the hospital, which is a fair distance away and the admin staff in the antenatal ward are always really rude! Toward the end of my second pregnancy they would give me a time for my next appointment and if I dared to request a time that actually suited me they acted like I had just said something offensive. (What? You mean you want an appointment on a day when you have transport and a babysitter for your toddler?? Unbelievable!)

The same hospital offers a program with the Midwifery Group Practice. They have a clinic a few minutes away from where I live, apparently with toys in the waiting room (!!!) and you see the same midwife the entire way through (plus a backup). Your midwives are on call for the birth, which is at the public hospital, and you have a much shorter hospital stay with the same midwife visiting you at home for 10-14 days. The hospital stay seemed like a downside to me last time – 4 to 12 hours after giving birth! – but I had a much quicker recovery with my second birth and established breastfeeding quicker, too. It’s much nicer to be at home when you already have young children.

All about the stripes today….

Craving: Chocolate milk, peppermint milkshakes, any kind of fruit juice, cake!! Or biscuits, or chocolate, anything involving sugar. Not so keen on ice cream, though, which is my usual pregnancy craving.

Eating: Whatever I have to. I’m not throwing up any more, but I still have some faint, lingering nausea and I’m uninterested in food in general. Really hate chicken at the moment, too – I’m always so conscious that I’m eating the flesh of a dead animal. But I have no problem with a nice rare steak…..

Drinking: Mostly water, peppermint tea to settle my stomach, hot drinks when it’s miserable (mostly Milo or cocoa or Rooibos tea since I’m trying to avoid too much caffeine). And milk. Always milk.

Over it: Skin problems! In the first trimester my face went oily and pimply and now it’s dry and pimply. Still waiting for the second-trimester glow to arrive…..

Dreaming: About feeling 100% again and doing all my nesting things.

Loving: The fact that I’ve finished painting the window frames in the kitchen. It took me a week, mostly because of all the paint stripping and sanding involved, and I was thoroughly sick of it by the end.

Feeling: Excited about having my 20-week morphology scan next week!

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