Daily Life

Laundry Day


Vintage laundry decor, nothing beats a quirky little picture!!!

And no it doesn’t look like that ^

In my house, it looks more like this:

1. Darks

2. Whites

3. Things Covered In Spaghetti That Are Technically White But Will Be Washed Separately

4. Bibs That Also Belong In The White Category But Have To Be Washed Separately Because The Velcro Snags On My Bra Straps

5. Coloured. Haha Just Kidding They’ll Go In A Dark Load

6. Hand Wash Only, AKA “Should Have Read The Care Label Before Buying”

7. Dry Clean Only. Hmm Better Hand Wash

8. Slinky Lingerie That I’ll Hide At The Bottom Of The Laundry Basket So My Teenage Housemates Don’t Have To Deal With It

9. Sheets and Towels

10. Husband’s Socks (They Need Their Own Category Because They Smell So Bad They Could Be Used As Biological Weapons)

And when I’m really confused, I refer to this care label cheat sheet:

Happy laundry day ;P

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