Fox in Flats Style Dare May Part 2


It’s a wrap on another style dare! You can catch up on Part 1 here. I listened to this song while putting this post together. Enjoy 🙂


day 16: crazy sexy

Knowing that the full force of my unbridled sexiness could break the internet, I was forced to tone it down a little bit. Actually, I just forgot to do my hair or makeup that morning and watched Suits all afternoon. So I took this at about 10pm before going to bed.


day 17: from the dress-up box

Not technically dress-ups, but I always feel like I’m in costume when I wear it. Also bonus Audrey Hepburn-ish vibe.



day 19: marsala.

Pantone’s colour of the year, and coincidentally one of my fave colours to wear. Anything red gets the tick of approval from me.




day 20: elegant.

LBD, pearls, lipstick. I think this prompt required the most time and effort – full makeup, including liquid eyeliner, with nude lipstick. The earrings are a set I wore on my wedding day. The pearl necklace made me look too old on its own, so I added an ivory satin ribbon to pretty it up. The dress is a navy fit and flare, the blazer in blush pink (both from Temt). Hair in a bun booster.




The whole look reminded me of Deidre from the old action flick Ronin, although I wasn’t going undercover to spy on Russian terrorists with Robert de Niro on my arm.



It also reminded me of Irene Adler from BBC’s Sherlock, although I am not a dominatrix blackmailing the British royal family with Benedict Cumberbatch on my arm. More’s the pity.

Irene Adler, quite possibly my favorite morally grey villainess ever. :]


day 24: hello cool.

I look like I’m posing for a Calvin Klein ad or something but I’m really just waiting in the grocery store car park while my two kids whinge in the back seat. Aviators and leather = cool. Bonus cool points for having a cool upper ear piercing.

IMG_7903 - Copy

day 25: simple formula

 Black jeans + plaid. Biker jeans with zip detailing and navy and green checked shirt, both from Target. Navy nail polish would have been perfect with this look.


day 26: hint of pink

Not a huge fan of pink, myself. I tend to have one or two items of clothing in blush pink per season and wear it as a neutral. Hot pink lipstick is as pink as I get.


 day 28: powerful.

This is my “I am the powerful CEO of a household filled with small children who draw on the mirror with toothpaste” look. I like the colour of this dress but it’s a wee bit tight since having my second child. (And no, I don’t weigh the same now as I did when 9 months pregnant with my first child. The scales must have been lying).



So that’s it! What about you? Have you ever taken part in a style dare? Feel free to comment with links and I’ll check out your post 🙂

Until next time,


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