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Chocolate Raspberry Trifle {Unhealthy Recipe}

My sister turned 18 last week. Instead of a traditional birthday cake, we went for a trifle made out of chocolate cake, jelly, raspberries, chocolate mousse, and Bailey’s Irish Cream. I’m posting this under Unhealthy Eating because that’s where it belongs. It was pretty awesome.
You could make everything the day of, but I made the chocolate cake and jelly the day before to make things easier.


500gm frozen raspberries

Bailey’s Irish Cream (I used coffee flavoured, because that’s what I had on hand, but you could exhange it for regular Bailey’s or Kahlua or some other girly alcohol. Or leave out altogether.)

Chocolate cake

I used a packet mix. I feel no shame about this. Pretty much any chocolate cake mix will do, but I used this one, mostly because the salted caramel flavoring used in the icing is the best thing on the planet.
Make cake according to packet directions the day before.

2 85gm packets of jelly crystals

I used one Raspberry flavored, the other Port Wine. Because that’s what I had in the pantry at the time. Personally I prefer the flavour of the Port Wine. My two and a half-year-old son liked the Lime flavouring so much he bit a hole in the packet and I was forced to make that one up as well, which led me to make up a couple of lime and tequila jelly shots, because what else do you do for an 18th birthday party? They ended up tasting disgusting, by the way.
Make jelly according to packet directions and chill overnight. (Makes approx 1 litre).

Chocolate Mousse

I adapted the recipe I found on the Donna Hay website, and doubled the quantities, which resulted in a lot of leftovers. Which isn’t exactly a bad thing. But I’m posting the recipe for a single quantity as that’s all that’s needed for this recipe.
200gm dark chocolate, chopped (I kept aside a square of chocolate to grate over at the end)
20g butter
3 eggs
1 tablespoon caster sugar
1 cup (250ml) pouring cream
Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler, or a heatproof bowl placed over a saucepan of simmering water. Stir until melted; remove from heat. Separate the eggs, making sure your toddler doesn’t run off with any raw eggs while your back is turned. Because that happens. Add the yolks to the melted chocolate mixture and set aside.
(Now when I did this, the chocolate mixture seized, which is when it turns into something resembling dog poo. I managed to fix it by heating a small amount of cream in the microwave and adding it to the chocolate mixture, which brought it back to something smooth and shiny.)
Whisk the eggwhites in a clean bowl until soft peaks form, then add the caster sugar and beat until stiff. The original recipe didn’t call for the cream to be whipped but I did that anyway, since every other chocolate mousse recipe on the planet included that in the directions. So whip the cream. (However much you have left over after trying to resurrect your ruined chocolate). Fold the eggwhites and whipped cream into the chocolate mixture. Refrigerate until needed.

To put it all together –

Place half the jelly in the base of your trifle dish. It doesn’t matter if it all gets a bit squished.
IMG_7996 (1)
Cut the chocolate cake into cubes and layer over the jelly. Sprinkle the cake with the Bailey’s, if using. IMG_7999
 Follow with the raspberries (I used them while they were still frozen, with no adverse side effects).


Pour over half the chocolate mousse.



Follow with the rest of the jelly, and an even layer of chocolate cake. I had a few cubes of cake leftover but my toddler took care of that. Top with the remainder of the raspberries.

IMG_7998 IMG_8001

Pour over the last of the chocolate mousse, and grate over a light layer of chocolate curls – I used a vegetable peeler on the side of a cube of chocolate. Post photos on Facebook and enjoy. It’s just as good, if not better, the following day, eaten at 2pm while watching Doctor Who reruns.


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